Sometimes, all we need to be finger banging pussies.

When I’m finger banging pussies, either my own or someone else’s, I love being able to feel how that pussy stretches and quivers around me. Honestly, it’s extremely intimate and allows me to watch a woman’s body as she moans and fists her pristine bedroom sheets from pleasure. Plus, I get to see that red flush travel from her cheeks down past her breasts to her stomach.

Oh, sorry. By now, I think you’ve picked up on the fact that I’m talking about one specific person. Allow me to tell you about my friend, Irene. She and I have taken to finger banging pussies– each other’s pussies, anyway.

We aren’t traditional friends, who like to braid each others’ hair and paint our nails while giggling about boys. We’re more of the benefit kinds of friends, the kind who call each other late at night when our own hands aren’t enough. She’s one of the viewers of my nude girl game, and who found me later in a shared class and offered to show me some techniques.

I’m a slut. Glancing at those long fingers of hers, I immediately said yes. We rushed towards the nearest bathroom stall, neither of us caring we both had a class in 15 minutes.

Irene with Me

Irene likes to take me anywhere public, I’ve noticed. And I don’t mean “take” as in, “travel”. I mean “take” as in, “stick her fingers up my pussy whenever the mood takes her”: art shows, a lecture series, movies, on the bus… the list goes on.

Whenever the urge comes over her, she chooses somewhere I’m exposed. Public places are her favorite choice, as I think she gets off on me being seen. For example, she and I once went to a frat party. Between the loud music, the red solo cups, and the stench of alcohol, she pulled me into her lap on an old sofa and lifted up my skirt. People around us gawked as she placed her fingers into my pussy. While showing me off, she managed to make me to gasp and moan into her neck. She loves showing me off, and she made me cum not once, but twice there at the frat. We had about seven people just hushed, watching as I came.

Me With Irene

Unlike Irene, I love to take my time getting her aroused. When I’m with her, I tease her body. My fingers tweak her nipples, my mouth places hickeys on the inside of her soft thighs, and my fingers trail lightly around the lips of her labia. She often moans and complains I’m taking too long. But really, I’m enjoying myself.

It’s hard not to enjoy someone who emotes as much as she does. When she likes something a little, her mouth begins to pant while she trembles. When she likes something a lot, her whole chest heaves. If she’s oversensitive, her thighs will attempt to come together, but I’ll keep going, pushing her through another one. And my fingers feel any time her warm, velvet pussy contracts around them.

My recommendation is to be finger banging pussies all the time. It’s the best.


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