I’ve got some strong nude girl game, as some of you know.

But one day last year, I wanted to share my nude girl game with all of the people on campus. I’ve got a big window in my single dorm, and I’ve often thought about leaving it open while I fingered myself. And then one day, while I was ovulating (gets me super hornier than usual), I decided to line up my bed directly with the big window, making sure everyone got a full view.

I waited until nighttime, so my lights would allow me to be seen from outside. I closed my eyes and opened my legs wide, letting everyone see my sweet, pink pussy. It wasn’t the only thing they’d see. The mirror felt cold, and the old dorm building wasn’t sealed tightly, so every so often a breeze would blow on my pussy, a breath of cold air. If my eyes stayed closed, it didn’t matter- I could only see a reflection of me due to the lights, and everyone outside could see my pussy stretched out for the campus.

The campus got a show that night.

I’ve had embarrassing sex stories, and this wasn’t that. It was thrilling. Nothing about showing off my assets embarrassed me.

It started with a blowjob to a dildo, my lips running down the head. Then, I moved on to my fingers in my ass, finally sneaking that dildo past the ring of muscle, inside. I sucked it in and out with my ass, always pushing out, and I turned over, holding out the very next thing- a vibe for my pussy. Even if no one was watching (I later learned many people were), I made a show of displaying it for my audience.

I rocked back and forth while I fucked myself silly, not wanting the show to end. But every show has to end, doesn’t it?  My insides clamped down on the rubber and I squirted all over the window, breathing heavily.


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