Oral Sex Stories: I Love Milking His Giant Sperm Tanks

Dear Perverts, I hope you survived the holidays! Whiskey, Xanax, shemale porn, whatever got you through. You know what always gets me through the holidays? Cum. Yes, delicious, illicit cum. Sneaking away and milking a giant load out of my homme du jour (my man of the day, for those of you who eat freedom fries). My giant stud Dan* brings out the blowjob slut in me, so I decided to see just how much it would take to empty those giant balls. Oral sex stories are some of my favorite. If you’ve ever called me you know.

Dan has one monster of a dick, and I love to work it.


I made him store up that yummy batter for two weeks just to see what those big balls are for. When he showed up, they were nice and tight and full. I ran my fingertips lightly across them to savor that tension as he had been edging for me for two weeks and watching porn without cumming. He said it was impossible to hide his big cock stiffening in his pants and that a few women had tried to pick him up at the bar. It was tempting, but he saved his massive load all for me.

I start by teasing his asshole with my tongue.


Then I suck on that swollen taint while I jerk that big snake with both of my hands. My oral sex stories aren’t just about sucking cock. I move up and start playing with those full, aching balls. Sucking them both into my mouth, giving them lots of attention. I tell Dan how I can’t wait to empty these giant tanks and make a mess of my perfect hair and makeup.


Then I shift around and squeeze my tits around that big dick.


I can still get my mouth full while he’s sliding his cock between my tits. I’m teasing the ridge of his cock with my tongue and grabbing those balls, eager to milk them dry. Then he takes my face and starts thrusting his cock into my mouth like his personal fuck hole. Deeper and deeper until my drool is dripping down those balls and getting that horse cock nice and messy.

The first time he cums, I can’t believe how much it is.


That sticky goodness covered my entire face and down to the top of my tits, dripping off of my chin. All in all, it took me an entire day to drain those balls completely, and when I was done, I had cum bubbling out of all of my holes.

Oral sex stories can just cover the basics, but with Dan, it’s a major event.


If you love having your dick sucked by a hungry slut, why haven’t you called me yet? As Dan knows, there’s nothing I like more than getting used like a fuck doll for your oral pleasure. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about it. Phone sex that will make your day. That’s my goal.

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