Cum Fetish? I Just Love That Hot Mess All Over Me

Dear Perverts, yesterday my sweet plaything asked me if I’d ever like to watch him jerk off. I said, “my darling…all the time”. I think he was afraid of imposing, but I love to watch a man stroke himself. Sometimes I even think I have a bit of a cum fetish.

I’ll be honest, my fetish isn’t as severe as some of yours.


You love seeing a girl absolutely covered head to toe, cum running out of her mouth, nose and eyeballs. That’s fine and all, but mine is different. I love it when my guy cums on my body – tits, face, ass…and in me. I love feeling his cock throbbing inside me as he fills me deeply with his seed. Hearing and seeing a man cum is usually enough to make me cum. It’s glorious. Simple as it is, it really turns me on.


So yesterday morning, my boy toy told me how hard I made him.


It was so hot. He edged himself and let me watch, he spanked my ass HARD with his cock, squeezing my ass cheeks around it, and then he said, “I think you want me to cum on your tits, don’t you?” I dare not protest. He fucked my tits and then let this nice shot of precum run over my hard nipple. He slapped my tits with his cock and ran the ridge over my nipple hard and fast until he came all over my tits. As soon as I saw and felt that warm, milky cum shooting all over my sensitive tits, I came all over my own hand.


Watching a guy jerk off on my body and fucking my tits always intensifies my cum fetish. No matter how your manifests, explore your cum fetish with me sometime. Call me up for some hot cum-draining phone sex. Let’s have some fun.


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