Fetishes, Turn-Ons, and Odd Interests: Dirty Laundry List #2

Dear Perverts, sometimes I think we don’t talk about fetishes enough. Rather, I don’t take enough time to tell you about all the fetishes I have. But since I’m feeling unusually generous tonight, I’m going to share some secrets with you.

1. I love fat guys! (This is in bold because it’s really #1)


Yes, yes, that’s right! All you fatties out there can relax – this girl here’s a chubby chaser. Sure, I like fit guys just fine too, who doesn’t? But they’re not always my favorite. There is something addictive about a sexy, confident fat guy. But fetishes can be strange…there’s always got to be a twist. Big cock. Also, I get very turned on watching fat guys eat a lot, but I really dislike junk food. I really want all of you fat guys to stand up and let me worship your perfect physiques! I crave it. I’m the girl who will make you feel royal. 

2. I love mommy/son roleplay!


I didn’t discover this one until I started doing phone sex! There was no way for me to know was a hot spot for me – I don’t have kids! Then I did my first mommy/son age play call and I realized my pussy gets so wet and I cum like a machine gun. Being a horny, perverted, manipulative mommy really gets me going. Just being called mommy drenches my pussy. Expanding my sexual landscape to phone sex is key in finding this one out, but I’m proud to say I can add it to my list of fetishes!


3. I love 420/drug play!


What can I say, pervs? Those of you who know me well know that I love to party. What’s better than having a hot girl to blow off some steam with late at night? Granted, I don’t usually work late nights and I like to stay sharp for my boys…but keep your eyes peeled, bad boys. Because if you see me on late night, you know I’m looking for someone to party with…and I always show up ready to get fucked up and let my inhibitions free! My party fetish is one of my personal favorite fetishes. Catch me if you can!


4. I love sploshing!


I know, you must be thinking…this is really one of your fetishes, Justice? Yes, boys! I’m a wet and messy girl! If you love squishy, slippery textures covering you and a girl who’s covered head to toe sliding that hot body against yours, bringing you to make an even bigger mess…you just have to play with me. What are my favorite flavors? Whipped cream, jello, pudding, cake, stewed fruit, olive oil, butter, heavy cream, sprinkles…don’t be shy, WAM lovers. Cover me head to toe and let me squish my messy curves all over you until you splosh all over me! Feel free to taste my yummy, messy goodness!


5. I love transvestites!


Well, yeah. I don’t think this is necessarily news. You pervs know I love high femmes, right? Obviously, I love cock, but any of you who have done two girl calls with me know that I’m a majorly kinky true bisexual. Of course when a man wants to dress like a woman I have never even thought to say no. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a sexual attraction to transvestites. My crossdressing pervs know how much I love them. I have a whole arsenal of girly tricks to turn you on! Girly time paired with a hot threesome is ALWAYS on deck at this number. If you’re in need of a girlfriend who will let you be your true self – body and soul – AND fuck your brains out…well, look no further! With me, you will be totally free.


There you have it, my lovers! A few things we hadn’t yet covered. Cum one, cum all to the wild, kinky, playground that is no limits PhoneSex with your very favorite fuck buddy, Justice! You darlings are always on my mind, I always want to bring new favors to the party! Don’t show up with clothes on…unless you want me to take them off!


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