To refresh your memory, I was out at a haunted trail with friends and got separated and lost. As I was trying to find my way around something, not sure if a human, came out of the woods and was coming towards me. He walked so strangely, and watching him come toward me I felt fear but also sadness. This sadness and empathy would lead to more oral sex stories.

He got within touching distance. Looking at him, his clothes didn’t just look disheveled, they looked like they were rotting on his body. His face was distorted, his hair was a mess, and he did not smell very good. As he approached closer my fear left. I realized he was trying to figure me out as well. Walking so slowly and stopping at times to try to understand what I was, he seemed childlike.

Finally, he was within a few feet of me and I was shocked as I looked at his face. He had craters and huge tumor-like lumps. His face was also crooked, I guess you would say. The tentacle coming out of his shirt turned out to be a deformed arm. It was so creepy and strange-looking. As he came closer he was turning his head in confusion like a puppy, not speaking but grunting little sounds.

I knew he was human, but he was not like any human I had ever seen.

I realized that was him trying to talk. He didn’t speak as you or I would. Looking at his face, I spoke to him asking if he lived out here. His reaction was more grunts, and I believe he was saying yes. Letting him know I was not a threat and lost and hoping he was not a mean person, I tried to explain I needed help me find my way back to the trail. Suddenly, he turned and started walking in away from me.

Realizing he was not going to hurt me, I decided to follow him. I figured he was going to show me the way back to my friends. We walked for a while and then there was a broken-down shack. The windows were gone, the wood was rotting, and the place was falling apart. He turned and motioned I should follow him. Having no choice, I did.

Once we got inside, I realized he lived here. As I looked around the place looked like it had a woman’s touch at one time. I was investigating the place when I turned and saw a body in the chair. I screamed and jumped out of my skin. He came over and touched the dead person’s arm, caressed it. Grunting with a sad tone, I realized that was probably his mother.

Basically, she was a human skeleton rotting in the chair.

The woman had been there a long time and only skin and bones were left of her. I felt so much sadness for him. He was a deformed man who had lived out here his whole life with his mother. Away from society and she was gone too. Although his right arm was tentacle type appendage, his left arm was mostly normal.

I reached out and stroked his arm. He reacted by sitting down on a broken-down sofa. Obviously, he had not been touched in a very long time. I sat beside him and even though he smelled like trash dump I allowed him to rest his deformed head and face on my breasts. I continued to caress him and comfort him.

Suddenly, he began to act different, slightly aggressive and I realized he was getting turned on by me. I tried to pull away and stand up but he grabbed my arm and forced me back down. He started pulling at my clothes and soon ripped them off. I looked at his crotch and there was a huge bulge. He had lost control and animal instinct was driving him. He took off his pants and out came the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was well-formed, and probably the only part on him that looked normal, however, it was filthy.

This would be my nastiest blow job ever!

He forced me down on my knees and pushed my face into his foul crotch, I was fighting against him and then I gave up. I realized it was futile to think I could escape, besides this was a rare experience to add my GILF phone sex, might as well make the most of it. Taking that dirty, huge cock in my hand and started pumping and stroking it.

I could tell he was loving it and I decided I might as well give him the time of his life. Who knew if I would make it out of here. I took that nasty dick and started to suck on it. I stroked with my hand and sucked with my mouth. He was moaning so loud. He fell back onto the couch as I kept working that cock with my experience mouth and hands.

When he came, it was an insane explosion of cum. It ran out of my mouth and down my chin. He sat there satiated. Then he stood up, pulled up his pants, picked up my clothes and handed them to me. Heading for the door, he motioned I should follow. I grabbed my clothes and ran after him. Within a few minutes we came to a clearing and he pointed me in the direction I needed to go.

I found my friends and they could see I was a hot mess. They all assumed I had slipped away with a strange hunk or haunted trail character, little did they know I had just given a blow job to a lonely monster. This had beat all my granny sex stories, one crazy, bizarre night!

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