It was October and the Halloween season was upon us. I love Halloween and everything about it. Going to haunted houses, haunted trails in the woods, oh my gosh, I love this time of year. What a great time to experience something that would lead to oral sex stories.

Now, we all know that GILF phone sex Frankie is kinky to the extreme. This time of year brings it out even more. I love to try new things. Little did I know that it would bring things I had never thought possible. Things I never knew I could enjoy.

Who doesn’t love a haunted house, a safe scare, right?!

Everyone I know knows that I love to do haunted events, but I do get very scared. My reaction to the fear of haunted houses or trails is to laugh. Don’t ask me why, I just freeze or laugh, which adds to my friends’ enjoyment of the attraction. I am also usually targeted by the actors at the attractions, and my friends will sell me out by calling out my name as we go through.

Last year there was a huge haunted trail about an hour south of our city. It was set up in a wood, with multiple types of haunts throughout the trail. There was a group of 5 of us going through. The trail was huge and took about an hour or so to get through. It was very interactive with actors yelling at us in the zombie section, “to move our asses if we didn’t want to die!” and shooting blanks in the air.

Oh, and zombies are so scary to me. In this section of the haunt, I got separated from the group. We were all running and dodging, and when I stopped I realized I was by myself in the damn woods. I shouted out, but no one answered. It was quiet in this section so I had no idea of what was coming up next. I just had to keep moving to get back to the others.

As I am trying to find the path, I hear the rustling of the leaves.

I thought, okay here we go, but no one popped out. No costumed actors running up on me. Someone was following me I could hear them as I walked, and they kept pace with me. When I stopped, they stopped. Coming up to a small clearing I decided to try for a phone signal again. That is when the steps kept coming.

As they approached I could not make out their costume. It was so dark, and it was indistinguishable. What the fuck was he dressed as?! I was sure it was a guy because he was very tall and big. Me being me, the first thought in my head was, “Ooh scary sex stories happening now,” but then I realized his walk was not like that of a normal person. As he came towards me, I froze. I didn’t laugh this time because my gut told me this wasn’t the safe trail scare anymore.

He got closer and I saw his clothes were torn and tattered. He was moving strangely, almost as if he was unsure about me. Once he got within a few feet of me, I could see he was not an actor, and he did not even look human! I was so scared I couldn’t move, I just stood there while an odd tentacle looking appendage came out of his shirt moved towards my face.


Oral Sex stories Frankie

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