Days had come and gone since Michael had called me for accomplice phone sex. But I still could not seem to get his voice out of my head. Not only that, but I had the feeling that I was being watched. I know that it didn’t help that I had probably read every crazy sex story posted on the sex stories Tumblr thread. Trying to calm my nerves I told myself that it was just my overactive imagination at play. All I needed was an afternoon of retail therapy and some time with my phonesex girls, Brittany and Frankie to get my mind off of things.

Brittany already had plans for the afternoon but would meet us for drinks at a bar that evening. Frankie knew that I needed to get my mind off of Michael, so she planned the perfect afternoon for us. The plan was for me to swing by her place and pick her up around noon. Frankie had already made lunch reservations and booked spa appointments for us. She was also very adamant that the afternoon would be spent far away from the sex stories Tumblr thread that I had been consumed with lately.

At Phone Sex Kingdom, Frankie is an ABDL goddess.

With all that I was feeling and going through at the moment, I really needed to hear her soothing voice. Starting to feel better already, I glanced at the clock and was pleasantly surprised. It was only 10 pm. Which meant that I had more than enough time to relax in a hot bubble bath before bed.

Standing in front of my full-length mirror, I untied my black satin robe and watched as it floated to the floor. Standing completely naked in front of the mirror, I tie my hair up into a ponytail. I started kickboxing classes a few months ago and I can really see the difference in my body. My arms and legs are lean and toned and well, my ass looks great! Giggling, I turn around and shake my ass in the mirror. I felt great! I was super excited about my plans with the girls tomorrow. And I had vowed to stay far away from the sex stories Tumblr thread for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, I had no idea that stories about sex from the sex stories Tumblr thread were about to come to me. Right now, all that I could think about were those hot porn videos of girls having sex that I watched earlier. My pussy grew even wetter as the scenes flashed in my mind.