I had no clue that my love for sex toys would come in handy one day. Then again, I had no clue that crazy stories about sex would cause anyone to do what he did. With as many stories about sex that I had read on the sex stories Tumblr thread, it never crossed my mind to turn those stories into reality. If I could go back in time, I would never have answered the phone that night that Michael called my phone sex hotline.

I turn the light off as I sink down into the oversized jetted bathtub. I take a deep breath as I lay my head back, closing my eyes. Maybe it was the stress from the last few days or the warm relaxing bubble bath. It could have been my red wine or maybe it was the way the candlelight danced on my legs. But, I was extremely horny! I couldn’t keep my hands off of my body.

True Sex Confession – I always have a sex toy nearby

My hands cupped my tits, squeezing them while pinching my nipples. My nipples felt so sensitive as my fingers circled them before traveling down my stomach, caressing my inner thighs before finding their way to my pussy. Bolts of lightning shot down my spine. My fingers traced my pussy lips, before parting them. My clit throbbed as my fingers teased it, circling my clit; slowly moving clockwise, then counterclockwise. Always prepared, I grabbed the glass dildo that I keep nearby for nights like this. I moaned deeply as I slid my dildo in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly, I felt a cold chill in the room and my eyes sprang open. I screamed as a large, dark shadow lunged towards me. Without thinking, I threw my dildo towards the shadow hitting it with an audible thud before falling onto the tile, shattering. A deep groan comes from the shadow and as it gets closer, I see the silhouette of a large creature, resembling a man. I jump out of the tub, punching the man in his face. Something hits me hard on the side of my head, almost knocking me to my knees. I fall towards him and he wraps his hands tightly around my neck, choking me. Our eyes meet, causing the blood to freeze in my veins. He doesn’t say a word, I know exactly who he is. I stare into his dark, dead eyes as they swallow me up like a black hole.

Cuckold Phone Sex