Oral Sex isn’t just for the bedroom.

Sometimes Oral Sex can happen in the car,  I mean, who doesn’t love a little road head, right?

 A bunch of us got together for a fun weekend and I had so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, it’s way better than hanging out with one or two friends. There were eight of us and we met at my friend Hayley’s cottage.

 Not wanting to drive down there alone I got a ride with my friends Greg and Nate. I thought it might be weird because they’re both sort of ex-boyfriends of mine but I think that actually made it better because I knew what they liked and how to make the two-hour drive go even faster.

 Greg drove and Nate was in the passenger seat so I was all alone in the back seat. Playing with my phone for a bit I couldn’t concentrate because they kept talking and they had music on so loud, it was crazy.

I kept asking them to turn it down but they wouldn’t and it pissed me off, I didn’t want to listen to that shit.

Finally, I got fed up and reached between the seats so I could turn it off. They got mad at me but I told them they could either listen to my music or be quiet. Nate tried to turn his music back on and I smacked his hand away. He smacked me back and we started goofing around, giving each other little hits and Greg made a joke about hitting me harder because rough sex is how I like it.

Nate said he knows, he’s fucked me too and I moved more onto his lap so my ass was sticking up in the air. He reached up and spanked me as best he could and Greg whined that he was missing all the fun, why did he have to drive?

Shifting over I stayed between the seats so I was between both my boys and put my hand on Greg’s thigh. “Aw, you can have some fun too, just keep your eyes on the road and let me do the rest.”

I started rubbing his thigh while he drove and slipped my hand into his lap so I could give his dick some action too. I wanted to give him Oral Sex.

Rubbing him through his pants Nate began rubbing my back. I undid his zipper and took his dick out, stroking it to get him hard. I heard Nate undo his pants and I looked over at him. He was jerking off while watching us. I slowly slid my tongue up and down Greg’s dick giving him Oral Sex.

I did it a few more times then turned to Nate, giving his dick some licks. He smacked his dick against my tongue and I licked around his head then told him to save his cum for me. I went back to Greg and swallowed his dick whole, making my gag reflex kick up.

Slowly I started sucking him, going up and down while he moaned and tried to keep on driving. He held my head down and I went faster, sucking him off with smooth, fast sucks. I could hear Nate panting as he jerked off and I moaned around Greg’s dick, making his thighs tense up.

His dick swelled in my mouth and a second later he came, making me choke on his cum. I swallowed most of it and when he was done I slid his dick out and licked my lips clean.

 Then I turned to Nate and saw his hard dick with pre-cum all over his head. I bent towards it and got ready for more dick.

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