A few sex slave stories from the other side..

Sex slave stories are always fun to tell, but I love telling the ones about when I’m in charge! Of course, I’m a switch, I’ll either play submissive or dominant on the drop of a dime. This is about one of my favorite moments.. when I get to play MEAN. I just couldn’t help myself. He’d finally let me try bondage, this sweet little submissive fling.. He’d let me tie him right up, with his hands over his head. I’d even spread his ankles so he was completely mine to control. Every time he moaned and grunted, I couldn’t help but give a little smirk, and tease a little more. I’d slowly pull the edge of the whip across his skin, letting him savor the soft touch before I’d bring it down again, giving a little sting – punishing him for protesting.

I knew he wanted to cum.

I just wasn’t going to let him, not so early! There’s plenty of time for being sweet to him and being his little whore on other occasions. He was on the edge, eyes bulging, narrowing, with his cock throbbing under my fingertips as I ran them softly up the shaft. The boy hated how I could tease him like that. He was perfect for edging, because he couldn’t release without begging me to. He couldn’t just relax and let it flow unless I helped take him over the edge.
I ran my hand softly up the shaft of that throbbing cock again, giving it a little squeeze by the base, so that he could feel how tight his balls were – they were ready to explode.

He left out a soft moan, and I finally climbed back up to his face, giving his neck a little bite and kiss. I teased as much as I could before pulling the gag off. All he could do was beg to cum as I went right back down to his cock and gave it a long, slow lick right up to the head. He was so submissive and I was enjoying every moment of it. I loved taking control and letting him be completely at my will, a game of tease and denial. I kept at it for a while, feeling it tremble under my touch because of how badly it wanted to blow..

Come play with me. 

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