I love giving oral sex, but sometimes I need it.

I need to have a guy between my legs, giving me the oral sex I deserve. You know what I’m saying?

These days I don’t bother sliding down to my knees. Instead, I open my legs wide on the back of the bed, my back supported by the many pillows I keep on my bed. I waggle my finger at my man, telling him to come closer. I’m comfortable, and I want to make sure he is, too, as he’ll be there a while.

Never bother with a man who won’t eat you out, ladies. He’s not worth the energy when you need to orgasm in long, long pulls for the night.

He crawls forward on the bed, kissing up my leg. He knows I love being teased as much as I love teasing, and he comes for my cunt with such worshipful touches. Whenever he first presses his tongue to my hips, I buck upward.

By that point, I’m soaking wet.

The best oral for me is when he doesn’t suck on my clit right away. When he teases my entrance, his tongue around my folds, I go wild. I love the way his tongue drags my juices up to my clit, and then he begins flicking that little nib of mine.

And he better keep sucking once he gets that. One orgasm isn’t enough. Not at all after I’m shaking and grabbing his hair, forcing him into my pussy. He’ll have to keep sucking on my overstimulated clit until I cum again and again.

Then his job is to clean me out, another orgasm on the way. By the time I’m done, the bed sheets are soaked, his fingers are pruney, and I’m exhausted. That’s the best kind of oral sex a girl could ask for.


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