I wasn’t hungry for turkey or stuffing.  No, I was hungry for oral sex!

Who doesn’t love oral sex?  Nobody, that’s who.  So much fun to be had, and I’ve got a story from last Thanksgiving with the in-laws.  Now, I’ve told you quite a bit about my marriage to my cuckold husband.  Our arrangement may be a little unorthodox, but it works fabulously for us.  Out of his family, there is only one person that knows about our situation, Zack. He knows about our situation, because occasionally he is part of it.

We were all gathered around the table.  Grace had been said and the food before us was filling our plates and soon our bellies too.  However, I was in a mood, and my hunger wasn’t for the delicious cooking on my plate.   My husband was sitting next to me.  On the other side of him, was Zack.  It had been too long since I had seen him.

I missed him and his scrumptious cock dearly.

Then, the doorbell rang.  My mother and father in law went to answer it.  I took my chance and, on a whim, I ducked under the table and crawled past my husband next to me, brushing up against him.  When I got to Zack, I placed my hands on his knees and started slowly moving them upwards towards the fly on his jeans.  His cock was stiffening and swelling behind that zipper.  I freed him from his pants and wrapped my lips around his hardening dick.  I heard him let out a small groan as I enveloped his entire cock with my mouth.  My husband reached under the table and gave my arm a tug as their parents came back to the table.

A little oral sex appetizer would tide me over until after dinner.  That’s when the real feast began.

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