My cuckold husband does his best to satisfy me, but he comes up a little short…

When I was a youthful blossoming flower, I was just so innocent.  I would have never thought that I would find myself with a rich cuckold husband.  However, I’m loving every fucking minute of it.  Often, I feel like I couldn’t possibly have enough sexy fun.  My husband is eager to please and all, but if I’m being honest, his dick is only adequate at best. He tries, good Lord does he try, but he just doesn’t measure up. He could never hold my attention 100% because there are just too many big hard cocks ready and willing.  It’s not his fault… Some men just simply don’t have enough to offer an insatiable minx like me.

So when he is in town, and I’m feeling amorous, I pull out my phone and start scrolling through the long list of monster cocked lovers. I pick the one that makes my pussy tingle, and I text them a single word. “Now”

That big sausage shows up on my door in 30 minutes or less just like the pizza delivery man. He comes right in and his hands get to caressing my smooth milky skin as he nods his hello to my cuckold husband, already perched in his comfy armchair beside the bed. He sips his drink calmly, waiting patiently for our guest to start peeling my skimpy clothes off.

Our guest deftly removes my dress with his teeth.

As my naked body is unveiled I glance at my cucky hubby and see his hand reach for his hardening cock in his slacks.  His eyes completely fixed on our guest’s hands on my body.  Turning away from my hubby, I point my creamy backside in his direction.  I bend over exposing my scrumptious little slit to him and I unleash a gorgeous monster cock and wrap my lips around the tip, and It hardens and swells in my mouth.

I keep my pussy pointed in hubby’s direction, so he can see just how wet and juicy my lover’s big cock makes me.  Reaching back between my legs,  I stick a finger in and start rubbing my slick wetness around the outside of my pussy, so my cuckold husband can see it glisten softly in the lamplight before it gets destroyed by that big monster dick.

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