One of my favorite role play scenes, pt. 3

I watch, grinning, as you unbuckle your shiny new leather belt and unfasten the top clasp of your dress slacks. Your clammy hands seem to get less shaky and less sweaty the closer your growing hard-on gets to my pretty face.

You unzip the zipper, letting your pants fall to the ground in front of my desk. Your confidence fully returned now, you meet my unflinching gaze as you pull down your briefs. Now it’s your turn to grin as you watch my eyes get wide, my gaze focused intently on your thick cock as it pops from under the waistband and sticks straight — your giant mushroom head now so, SO close to my dark red lips . . .

“I’m thinking about you sucking my dick.” My eyes don’t move during your confession — I’m still staring at your stiff cock, getting harder by the second.

I look up, meeting your eyes again. “And so what if I did suck your dick right now? Would you be able to be more . . . ” I trail off, my eyes wandering towards your throbbing dick again.

“Productive?” you ask, finishing my sentence.

“Yes,” I murmur, putting my elbows on the desk and slowly leaning forward. “And this company definitely values productivity,” I say, still moving closer, my voice almost a whisper and my soft lips now inches away from your cock.

You lean in, pushing the head of your cock towards my face — that gorgeous face you’ve dreamed about fucking for so long. I slide my lips around the tip, kissing it, sucking it, smearing my lipstick all over the head as it mixes with your first shiny drops of precum.

You moan as I take the base of your cock firmly in my perfectly manicured hand, gripping it tightly — not too tight, the perfect amount of pressure to make more creamy drops spill out into my wet mouth.

You’re feeling really bold now — bold enough to grab the back of my head, pressing my face deeper down on your cock and thrusting harder. My hair feels even silkier than you imagined . . . and your dick goes MUCH further down your throat than it did in your hottest jerk-off fantasies.

Should I tell her about what really gets me off when I think about fucking her? 

You feel so turned on watching my head bob up and down on your cock. So you decide you will do it — and why the fuck not? You’ve already made me your whore!

You pull your dick out of my mouth, a trail of spit and cum dangling between my messy lips and the head of your cock. You watch me look up at you, savoring my sudden confusion.

“I think about something else, too.”

“Oh yeah?” I smirk, wiping my dripping mouth with the back of my hand.

“Yeah. I think about fucking your ass.”


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