One Last Summer Fling

I don’t know about yours, but my weekend was fucking amazing!  I met up with a guy who was in town for the summer.  Labor Day weekend is when everyone lets their hair down and gets really nasty.  After all, you have to make that last impression count.  I wanted him to think about me all winter and come crawling back next summer for another summer fling.

I met him at his camp site right off the major highway headed to the shore.  I showed up in my fuck me heels and sundress just begging to be treated like a little slut.  One look at me and he knew what I wanted.  We jumped in the car and took off to a secluded section of the woods.  The warm air was perfect.  We got and began making out against the car.  My pussy was so wet and I was aching to feel his cock inside of me one last time.

His strong hands lifted up my dress and slid my panties down over my heels.

 He grabbed by the neck, passionately kissing my lips and forcing his tongue down my throat.  He spun me around, bending me through the passenger window, putting my ass high in the air.  He slapped my ass and I felt it sting as it turned red.  He pushed his rock hard cock inside my dripping cunt and I let out a scream.  He pounded my pussy so hard I could even attempt to be quiet.  I was sure other campers could hear us, but I didn’t care one bit.

We both came hard and sat in the car for a while just enjoying each other’s company one last time.  I know I will probably never see him again, but that’s what summer by the shore is all about.  You’re never too young or old for a hot summer fling.

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