Office Sex Is More Common Than Most Believe

Office sex can encompass all sorts of fun adventures. True sex stories can sometimes seem to crazy to be believed.  Recently I was left in charge when all the senior VP’s were out of town at a conference. One of my duties was to hire another worker. Most of the ones that applied were fine. They all had the qualifications, but one stood out because he was so incredibly good looking. I thought he was sexy the moment he walked in the door, as did several of the other office ladies. They were craning their necks to get a good look at him as he entered the office. I sure noticed the attention he garnered.

I Knew That He Was The Man For The Job

Without even looking at his resume, I knew he was the man for the job. I had a very naughty feeling about the things I was going to make him do. The hoops I was going to make him jump through to get this job. I did a brief interview with him and said he’d be hearing from me. I then met with the office ladies and we hatched a very wicked and sexy scheme. We knew he was the one we wanted working in the office. We could put him to good use so to speak.

That’s Right Strip For Us!

I called him back and asked if he could return to the office. He didn’t understand why he’d been called back after business hours. I smiled and told the ladies he was on his way. He looked us over as he returned shortly after the call. He had no idea the office sex he was going to be giving all of us.  And He soon got the idea though when I asked him to strip for us. He looked a bit reluctant, but I said the other job applicants had done so.

Do You Measure Up?

He slowly took his clothes off and one of the girls gave him a wolf whistle. The other ladies started sheering and he began to blush. He soon got the idea of how things were going and gave in to us. One lady got out a ruler and grabbed him by the cock and shouted out the measurement. He soon got hard and she shouted out the erect measurement. He let the ladies paw at him and we spun him around and examined his goods. One began to jerk him off and lick his cock, telling him he tasted sweet.

Things Were Looking Good For Him

We said it was time to test his pussy licking skills, so he got on the floor on his knees. One of the gals got on the corner of the desk and hiked her skirt up. She pulled her panties to the side and told him to start licking. She was soon in ecstasy as he went down on her and she gave him a high mark. We took turns having him service us and he said he really wanted the job. We said it was looking good for him, that office sex was a big part of his duties.

Ok,  How Good Are You At Fucking?

Next, we needed to see how he was at fucking, so we took turns with that as well. He had a nice, thick cock and I loved how he filled me up. He bragged he could a long time without cumming and could satisfy at least two of us before he came. So of course we put him through the paces. He was right, and he made a few of us cum before he even shot his first or many loads. This was quite a naughty work audition, but he seemed happy with it. We could tell he had the sorts of qualities we were looking for. He was by far the most talented and handsome of the applicants.

We Hired The Very Best

I told him the job was his, and he thanked me by going down on me again and licking my pussy. I creamed all over his face with my glistening cunt. He lapped up my wetness with glee and with gratitude for being given the opportunity. Several of the ladies made use of him before the interview concluded. It was quite late by the time we finished. The bosses would return in a few days, so we had to make use of this time with the new guy. Office sex can sure make the work day go by a lot faster.

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