Nothing’s Better Than a Tight Little Asshole!

In high school, I was at my friend Jessica’s house all the time. Honestly, I was there so much because I thought her dad was so fucking hot. He wasn’t like most dirty old pervert dads, he was damn sexy! One day, she had cheer practice and instead of going with her, I stayed at her house instead. I knew her dad would be coming home around that time and we would have an hour alone. So, I took off my panties and dressed in one of her cheer uniforms because what guy doesn’t love those sexy little outfits, right? Then, I lay on her bed with the door open and waited. If I knew he’d want to fuck my tight little asshole I would have been so nervous. But there I was, my little skirt hiked up to my ass cheeks with the confidence of a little seductress. 

Mr. Taylor passed the room just as I predicted and he quickly realized we were all alone. He walked over to where I laid on the bed with a look in his eye as if he had caught his prey. He asked me not to move when I started to sit up. So, I obeyed and stayed face down on the bed. He lifted the tiny cheer skirt and just admired my firm ass cheeks for a moment. 

“Do you like what you see?” I asked him in my sexiest voice. 

“Oh, yes,” he moaned “your tight little asshole is going to be all mine.”

Ass Fetish

I had no idea Mr. Taylor had an ass fetish until he worshipped mine that day. First, he squeezed both ass cheeks firmly in his big hands and made them jiggle. Then, he kissed and bit down softly on my plump cheeks. His soft wet lips sent chills up my spine and my body shuddered. Suddenly, he spread my cheeks apart and his thumb massaged my tight little asshole. I couldn’t help but clench up. He told me to relax then ran his tongue up and down my crack. I moaned loudly as his tongue stayed fixed on my tight little asshole. His tongue pushed inside me slightly and I thought I could cum right then. 

With my ass all lubed up, he started to unzip his pants. Mr. Taylor whipped out his long thick dick and placed it between my ass cheeks. He pushed my cheeks together and fucked my ass cleavage. I could feel his thick rod rubbing against my tight little asshole, teasing me. 

“Just fuck me already,” I panted with untamed desire. He took his time entering my tight little asshole as if he was savoring the moment. He put it halfway in then took it out to enter me again and again, parting my ass cheeks as he did. Little by little he dipped further inside me until his full length filled me up. He felt so fucking good! 

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Mr. Taylor, fuck me,” I pleaded with him as he pounded my tight little asshole. He finally released his huge load inside me when we heard his daughter’s car pull into the driveway. From then on he was totally obsessed with fucking my tight little asshole! 

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