Daddy and I Play a Twisted Little Game

Daddy gave me a good hard spanking. No, this wasn’t when I was a kid or a teen, it was just a few days ago. My Dad still thinks he can spank me when I disobey him. I took his expensive sports car without asking and honestly, I knew it would make him mad. I guess I secretly wanted him to punish me. It’s a twisted little game we play. 

So, when I returned the car he stood there waiting, furious and with a huge bulge in his pants. My pussy was wet with anticipation for the pain and the pleasure. We didn’t say a word to each other, we both knew what was coming. We locked eyes and I looked down sheepishly as if I regretted my actions. It’s all part of our roleplay, our twisted little game. He sat on the couch and I followed, standing before him. 

Daddy has always insisted on giving my spankings bare-assed so I knew what was expected of me. He watched as I took down my little jean shorts then pulled down my white panties. Next, I assumed the position, I bent over his knees with my tight little asshole high up in the air. I could feel his bulge pressing against my stomach, he loves our twisted little game just as much as I do. 

A Good Hard Spanking

“What do you say?” he asked.

“I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy, I need to be punished,” I told him, fighting back fake sobs. 

Suddenly, I felt a white-hot flash of pain, followed by a fiery, lingering tingle where his open palm smacked my ass cheeks. I only recovered for a second before his big hand made contact again sending another jolt of pain and warmth through my entire body. I cried out but he was just getting started. He continued to spank my ass until it was bright red and raw.

The whole time his cock underneath me hardened with each blow and with the sound of my moaning. He always gets harder when I pretend I’m crying and beg him to stop. So, I pleaded with him, “Please stop Daddy. I’ve learned my lesson.” But he carried on. I always feel a tinge of humiliation still getting a spanking from my Daddy but also extremely turned on, of course. It’s all the things I love about our twisted little game.   

Pussy Punishment

After my ass cheeks have had enough, he tells me to get on the floor on all fours so my pussy can get the punishment it deserves. I obey but beg him to be gentle on me, knowing full well he is about to fuck me like a jackhammer because that’s his favorite way to fuck his little girl. 

“Shut up,” he tells me, “Daddy owns your pussy and I’ll fuck you however I want.” 

He shoves his massive thick cock inside my tight pussy and I scream. His cock pounds into me so hard and fast he has to grip my waist to keep me in place. He blows his load inside me and I hope my birth control works.  

I love our twisted little game! I can’t wait for my next punishment. 

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