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Nut Sucker is his new nickname. He loves sucking cock very badly, and loves it when I stick a big, juicy black cock in his face.. but those balls are his kryptonite. See, sometimes I’m a little mean and I’ll take all I want from that black cock first. I’ll be grinding, bouncing, riding him all night and making my poor little cuck wait. He’s found a way to get around it and be equally aroused.. While that BBC is in me, those juicy, plump balls are hanging out for him to suck on. And better yet, the more he sucks, licks, and teases them, the bigger the load will be for him to clean up later. He’s the designated nut sucker, and I think he’s settling into his job quite nicely.

I may need to take it one step further, though. He’s my little slut, so he’ll do anything I say if it involves him bending over backwards to be treated like a whore. I have him wrapped around my fingers, hook, line, and sinker. What should I make him do next? He’s already the designated ball licker, and he even runs cleanup by lapping up any run-off precum with his tongue.. I think I should make him expand his horizons and start licking that juicy ass, too. I mean, he already loves licking mine when it’s dripping wet with cum, so why not expand it to have him lick a big, black ass too? Think he’d like it? The little cuck just can’t get enough. Soon, he’s gonna be my go-to cleanup slut for everything.. Balls, cock, ass, pussy, toes.. The list goes on and on. There’s nothing he won’t suck, if I dress it up nicely for him. The promise of a juicy load is enough to make him do anything.

Come play with me.

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