Nude beach ‘cock’ of the walk

Nude beach has been on my bucket list for years, but you’ve always shied away from the idea.  We’ve been married long enough for me to know the reason, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still want to go.  I’d show you articles to inform you that, at a nude beach, no one would care about your size.  Like us, everyone there would only be interested in getting a tan, playing in the water, and generally having fun.  That’s the whole idea!  A nude beach is supposed to becoming.

My birthday was coming, we both had time off from work, and I only had one thing on my list.

“Come on, honey.  Even if the worst-case scenario were to happen, we’d never see any of the beach dwellers again, so let’s do it!”

You conceded, and I was finally going to get my way.  I was sooo excited.  I guess I’ve never had anything to worry about, size-wise.  If anyone stared at me for my big tits or luscious ass, I’d have nothing to be embarrassed about.  You, however, still remember your old locker room days.  What a shame that you had to find out the hard way that cocks came so much bigger than yours.  Worse still, you were convinced for the longest still that yours was due to grow since you were still growing.  It shouldn’t have taken you well into your twenties to realize that things weren’t going to improve much for you.

But confidence is all that matters!

Take the black guy who sat next to us on the plain.  He was dripping with confidence.  He made tons of conversation with me despite me sitting right next to my husband and he sported an impressive…smile.  It was so big and in your face.  I had to stare at it  Oh but it’s okay, baby.  Your smile is fine, too.

Take it off!

“Honey, you’re embarrassing me!” I say as I take my top off.  “Everyone else is naked.  You can’t be the only one who refuses to take off his clothes.  Confidence!  Remember?  That’s all you need.”

You gulp but finally relented.  Perhaps what I said had resonated.  You aren’t in school anymore.  You’re around mature, well-adjusted adults — well adjusted enough to let their junk hang out.  Even if someone did find you a bit on the small side, you were sure they’d be polite enough to keep it to themselves.

You hear a snicker the minute your pants drop, but I assure you that those girls were just laughing at a funny seagull.  A couple of guys run by, and it’s like high school all over again as they smirk at the little turtle head poking out.  You reach for your pants only for them not to be there anymore.  You look at me only to get a confused look back from me.

“Quit playing around!” you shout as you search for where I could have possibly stashed them.

“Hey look, honey!  It’s our friend from the plane.”

Oh no.  You gather your courage and turn around hoping not to see it.  Perhaps it wasn’t as big as the bulge in his pants hinted.

It’s massive.

His cock hung down his thigh like…well…a third leg.  He wasn’t even hard, either.  How was it that he wasn’t falling over with so much meat packed in the front?

“He promised to show me around if we ran into each other again.  You’re more than welcome to join us, honey!” I call as I leave you on the blanket.

Your pants are still nowhere in sight.  A group of college girls joking says they spy a desperate turtle on the beach.  Someone else calls you ma’am.  You see me shrinking in the distance as that guy with the monster cock puts a hand around my waist and pulls me nearer.

If you didn’t chase after me, some stud out to breed would certainly mark his territory right on my pussy walls.  If you did, There’d be no hiding your pathetic cock from the entire beach.  What do you do?  Call my phone sex line and tell me your decision.