There’s nothing better than cum eating under the Christmas tree!

I know I’m supposed to be sleeping when Santa comes but I just couldn’t help myself. See, I’ve done a whole lot of naughty things this past year. I had to make sure that I didn’t end up on Santa’s naughty list! The only way I could think to get off of it was to get Santa off with some cum eating under the Christmas tree *giggles*. So I pretended to be asleep so my parents wouldn’t suspect anything. Then when I heard them snoring down the hall I snuck downstairs to hide and wait. Santa was in for a super big surprise!

I must have fallen asleep for a minute cause the next thing I knew, I heard bells jingling. Looking up I saw the jolly old fat man in his red velvet suit. He was sneaking up to the tree and unloading his big black bag with tons of presents! I just had to make sure there were some for me so I popped out of my hiding place. Sneaking up behind Santa, I pressed my tight half-naked body against him.

Reaching around I could feel a bulge starting to pop up in the front of his pants.

That’s when I whispered for him to be quiet while I worked my way off the naughty list. I walked in front of Santa and slid down to my knees. I pulled Santa’s cock out and wrapped my lips right around it. Luckily for me, Santa’s cock was just as fat as his big belly. I actually enjoyed sucking his cock. It got so hard, that my tight teen pussy was dripping! I just knew a big load was going to be cumming for me. I twisted my tongue up and down Santa’s special candy cane until he blew that magical creamy load into the back of my throat. Of course, I swallowed! That’s the only way to do cum eating under the Christmas tree the right way! I was definitely on Santa’s good list by the time I was done with him.

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