Sex games with daddy are always so much fun!

Daddy is so much fun when mommy isn’t around. She travels a lot for work and that’s when we have the best time ever! Daddy is teaching me all sorts of naughty sex games. He knows that I’m getting to be a big girl now, I’m not such a little girl. Mommy never lets me do fun grown up stuff, she says I’m way too young for that. That’s probably why I’m such a total daddy’s girl! As soon as she leaves daddy brings me into their bedroom. He buys pretty little big girl outfits for me and teaches me how to do all sorts of grown-up things.

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean that I don’t like to play sex games too! He’s the best, he’s teaching me how to suck cock like a big girl. That way when I’m older and I get a boyfriend one day, I’ll know what to do. I won’t be all awkward and gagging everywhere cause daddy is giving me lots of practice. He’s even getting my tight little pussy warmed up too. I think daddy must have a tongue fetish cause he absolutely loves to run his tongue up and down all over my tight little body.

It didn’t even hurt that bad when daddy popped my cherry. He was super sweet about it and worked me up to it. He started out with one finger and then two, and made sure I was all lubed up before he pushed his  big daddy dick inside of me. It’s so much better that I get the pain of sex over with now. That way he says I can enjoy sex when I get a boyfriend and I’ll know what I’m doing. Cause after all, what guy wants a girl that doesn’t know what she’s doing? Now I don’t have to worry about that at all! I can’t wait to see what naughty sex games daddy will come up with for us next. I think my daddy has an impregnation fetish.

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