It didn’t take long to discover my professor’s impregnation fetish!

My new professor has got a major impregnation fetish! I knew he was attracted to me from the moment I slid into a seat in the front row. When I walked through the door on the first day of class and saw him, I just knew that I had to fuck him. He’s so tall and sexy-looking. He’s got a body that looks like he could fuck for hours! Not to mention, he has got a serious bulge in the front of those Dockers. Keep reading if you love young sex stories.

I made sure to grab the seat where I would be in full view of Mr. Delicious. He definitely noticed me sliding into my seat with a tiny little skirt that easily flashed my panties at him. He tried to pretend that he wasn’t noticing, but I saw the way he looked me up and down. I bet he was having naughty thoughts about me and his impregnation fetish that second he saw my panties peeking out at him. It didn’t take long before he asked me to stay after class to discuss our upcoming project with him.

Mr. Delicious didn’t waste any time at all.

He let me know exactly why he asked me to stay after. His big dick was twitching and throbbing just thinking about impregnating a hot little tight teen pussy like mine. Once that zipper slid down and I saw what he was packing I had to have a taste. I got right down on my knees and worshiped that big dick. Yes, I am a total teen size queen and I’m proud of it. Once he bent me over that desk and told me he wanted to fuck me bareback, I almost came right on the spot.

I just love the feel of bare skin sliding against bare skin. The way he stretched me open drove me wild. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass while he told me that he was going to shoot his baby batter deep inside of me and hopefully knock me up!

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