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Talk about nifty sex stories, I had a crazy dream recently but it really got my juices flowing.  I retired to bed early which is so unlike me.  I’m normally a night owl who loves the feel of nighttime for play and frolic.  I closed my eyes and my dream transported me to a posh hotel.  My husband and I decided to go on a relaxing vacation to an all-inclusive very expensive resort.  We ordered a very nice suite with all the amenities.

My husband decided to stay in the room to settle in.  I went to explore the hotel.  I started running into ex-boyfriends that I had dated.  It seemed innocent enough.  One man was named Sherman.  He and I had a short fling in high school.  I remembered him for his very equipped cock.  He always made me scream.  I remember nights trying to scream under a pillow to keep from being heard by his mother.  I also ran into a guy named Chris who I had wanted to date but we never got that far.  He had dreamy eyes and broad shoulders but was very shy.  Chris was certainly not shy in my dreams.

I made time to meet each one for a talk in their room.

Upon entering Sherman’s room, we lost no time in melting into each other’s arms.  His lips pressed hard upon my mouth savoring the taste of my lips.  His hard body crushed against my firm breasts.  Sherman grabbed my bottom pulling my body close to him.  His hard cock pressed my thigh.  Sherman lowered me down to his bed where he undressed me slowly.  His mouth teased my body until I cried out in that old familiar way.  He mounted my body and thrust his length into me.  My hips came up to meet his thrusts.  His cock felt so good inside of me.  My legs wrapped around Sherman’s firm body.

We both climaxed in ecstasy.  I lay in his arms spent and happy.  I was getting dressed and my husband was at the door.  He looked from Sherman to me.  I’m sure he guessed what had happened but said nothing.  We walked out of the hotel room and headed to the bar.  I ran into Chris in the hallway.  My husband went ahead to get us a table for dinner.  Chris and I laughed and yes I stepped into his room for a bit of privacy.  Chris made a bold move and professed his feelings for me.  I kissed him hungrily happy to hear his confession after all this time.

Chris started flirting with me and we ended up on his bed.

He was so excited he quickly undressed me and mounted my already wet pussy.  I wonder if Chris knew I had been fucked or if he didn’t care.  Just then, there came a knock at the door.  I’m sure he knew what I was up to, perhaps he knew that I would be messing around.  What do you think I did next?  Anything goes in our fantasies.  Perhaps he would be a good cuckold only around to clean up the cum men would spill inside of me.  Perhaps my husband would be fun to dress up in tiny panties and tie him down while I experimented on him with my various strap-on toys.

I sure love adult sex stories!  The dream made me so wet and hot for the possibilities!  Let’s play soon and relive that lusty vacation!


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