Curl Up Under the Blanket With Me As I Tell You One of My Favorite Adult Sex Stories.

Do you enjoy hot erotic adult sex stories?  I was on the phone with a good friend one day.  Her name was Maria.  It was good to catch up with her.  We used to be roommates.  While we lived together I had talked about how a woman likes to pleasure herself.  She had never touched herself before.  Surprised we discussed this into the night.  We went on a shopping trip to the toy store.  She bought her first vibrator.  One night I heard her softly moaning and knew she was touching herself in her bed.

Anyways, fast forward to our conversation on the phone.  She wanted to know how to masturbate while on the phone as she was feeling horny.  I told her to play some soft music.  Maria lay down on her bed.  I instructed Maria to touch herself through her pants.  I told her to think about her ideal guy pleasing her, treating her body as if it were his idol.  Maria removed her pants to get more comfortable.

Maria turned up the music as she started to rub her pussy.  I could hear the hum of her toy as she pleasured herself.  She moaned softly.  This drove me crazy and I started to touch myself.  Her moans became higher and more excited.  Her breathing became faster.  I was so close now and I knew Maria was too.  Nothing mattered except sweet release.  Want to know all the juicy details?

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