I have a new Sugar Daddy!

Don’t tell Davon, but it’s his DAD! I have to admit, I’ve fucked his Dad before for revenge. But he just recently threw his hat into the ring as a contestant for the #1 Sugar Daddy spot! I have lots of Sugar Daddies, but he is my first BBC Sugar Daddy! I’m actually related to most of them. Older men; my uncles. All slobbering and falling all over themselves trying to get my attention, with a lot less to offer in return.

Davon’s dad is a lot different! Sure it’s the same result with every sugar daddy in the end, but he runs his game with a LOT more finesse! I actually enjoy any and all sexual favors he asks from me! His big black cock is just as long and thick as his son’s, and he is very talented with it! His son is wild and rough and playful, while dad is more seasoned in his ability to please a woman. He doesn’t rely on that big horse dick alone to make a girl happy. He LOVES getting me off! Lots of foreplay, lots of teasing, TONS of pussy eating, and finally, he reduces me to begging for him to shove that dick inside his dirty little white princess and FUCK HER like only he can.

On top of long, satisfying fuck sessions, I get weekly massages, mani/pedi, a shopping allowance, and separate cell phone just for communication with him.

What girl could say no? I really AM a true bratty girl at heart though. While I like having Davon’s dad as a sugar daddy, I think it’s kind of a jerky thing to do, fucking his son’s sort-of girlfriend. It makes me laugh to buy Davon things his dad won’t, with the money that he gives to ME. He’ll never know it – it’s just my own personal inside joke. =) Dirty slut that I am, it also gives me a thrill when Davon notices some new ring or expensive bracelet that his dad has given me and asks where I got it. My panties get SO fucking wet!

I know you want to hear all about how I play all my poor sugar daddies while you jerk that dick and listen! Call me now, and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get to be my sugar daddy too!

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