I first discovered my new squirting abilities with the wand vibrator and a sizable ceramic dildo.

I was so embarrassed by how my new squirting abilities soaked the bed beneath me! Once, I received this beautiful purple wand for Christmas from one of my little subs. It was massive, and unlike other wands, it was wireless as well. All I had to do was plug it in through a hole in the back and once the red light shut off, the wand was charged. Now, the first couple of times I used it, I did not squirt. It was, however, a total game changer for clit-stim. No rabbit could match this thing. Once I got the hang of it, I set it right above my clit and went to town. The perfect match was my purple wand and my large ceramic dildo.

It was the biggest dildo I had and we all know that I am quite the size queen! I leaned back on my bed as I usually do when I masturbate and I set out my vibrator and dildo. I began with my wand of course. On the lowest setting, I touched it down to the hood of my clit. It covered the whole span of my hood which I absolutely loved. I set it so that it barely brushed the top of my clit as I moved it back and forth. I needed to do this for a while to relax my pussy enough to take my massive ceramic dildo. Once I felt my pussy began to throb or squeeze up, that is how I knew I was ready.

I pressed the tip of the vibrator against the opening of my pussy and started to pump it at the opening.

Millimeter by millimeter, my pussy slowly allowed the dildo in. I kept on pumping like this until the entire dildo slipped into my pussy. It needed quite a bit of stretching. That was the best part, though. Feeling my pussy finally stretch to accommodate! The last few inches where the dildo just forces open the walls of my pussy and fills me all the way. This dildo was not particularly long, but quite thick. It was maybe five inches but had the circumference of a very thick cucumber. I felt the walls of my pussy secrete moisture and I grew wetter and wetter. Then, I felt my creamy pussy juices leak Around the sides of my dildo, but I knew that this was not squirting.

I was just growing wetter to better accommodate the dildo. Then something unusual happened. My clit felt hot. Like this warm type of friction that spread across all of the nerve endings in my entire hood. The hottest was right at the top of my clit. I started sliding the dildo in and out, but it wasn’t enough! I had to start really fucking my pussy. Like, I broke a sweat! The heat sensation spread all up the length of the inside of my pussy. I got this tight kind of pressure sensation deep in my abdomen. It felt like I was going to burst. I shoved the vibrator directly into my clit and wiggled it really hard.

The pressure built inside of me and my pussy clenched so hard that I squeezed the dildo right out of me!

But I was not finished cumming yet! I felt a warm rush follow the dildo out. Once again, I pressed the vibrator straight down on my clit with all of the aggression I possessed. I watched a clear stream of fluid squirt right out of my pussy with force! I was so startled! It was one of the best orgasms that I ever experienced! That was when I discovered my new squirting abilities! As I slid my hand over the bed beneath me, I realized how much I soaked it! I tossed all of my sheets into the wash and blushed at my new squirting abilities. Ever since then, I gained the ability to squirt on cue and it is my favorite way to cum! It is like cumming, but when I feel it, it is much deeper in my body. I feel it in my core!

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new squirting abilities