My Sadistic Master Loves to Torture Me

I am his obedient submissive slut. I accept anything and everything that he does to me and my body. My sadistic master loves to taunt me with his cock. He loves to edge me to death with just enough pleasure but always pulls back at just the right moment. My sadistic master loves to torture me and I love it too. In the moment, it may not seem like I’m loving it but I always come back for more of his seductive torture. 

Edging Me

He cuffs me to his bed, puts painful nipple clamps on my huge tits. My nipples get so hard with the pain and pleasure of it. Then he gets naked and shows me his fully erect cock that brings me so much carnal pleasure. He straddles my body and dangles his cock in my face, then slaps me with his thick, heavy rod. I scream a little from the shock then I stick my tongue out to try to get a taste of it but he pulls it away. 

Now he wants to punish me for trying to lick his cock. He uncuffs one hand so I can lay face down on the bed. Then he gets a paddle and spanks my ass hard. He does it again and again. It stings but the vibrations stimulate my clit too. When I start to moan he stops spanking me. My sadistic master loves to keep my pleasure at bay. At this point, I’m dying for more clit stimulation. I tell him to fuck me but he just laughs and says we’re not even close to that yet. 

The Torture

My sadistic master tortures me like this for hours. But, I know he’s edging himself too, and eventually, he’s going to fuck my brains out. I know he wants it too when he finally lets me taste his cock. It’s throbbing and rock hard when he puts it in my mouth. He face-fucks me for just a few pumps and pulls on my nipple clamps at the same time. I gag a couple of times before he pulls out completely. I tell him I want more of his cock but he moves down to my pussy. 

My sadistic master loves to eat my pussy, so I know this is torture for him too. He licks my clit ever so gently then sticks his tongue inside me. Then, he pulls away again, of course, and that’s when I start begging him to let me cum. But he just watches me as I beg. My sadistic master loves to have the ultimate control over me… and I love it too. At that point, I would have given him a nasty rim job if that meant he’d fuck me. 

I think what he really loves though is watching me genuinely beg from the torture of being edged to death. Finally, he gives in and fucks me with his huge cock so hard and rough. He makes me cum multiple times and it definitely makes the torture so worth it! 


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