I Have No Patience for a Tiny Little Dick

You’ve been begging to fuck me but, guess what? You’re never going to! But I will let you watch as I get fucked. I’ll tie you to a chair in the corner and you can watch while a guy with an actual cock fucks the hell out of me. Maybe you can clean me up afterward but that’s all you’ll ever get of my delicious pussy because I have no patience for your tiny little dick. 

It all started when you implied that you had a huge dick you wanted to give me. Lured in by your good looks and charm, when it was finally time to fuck, you whipped out a tiny little dick! You had talked such a big game, I felt catfished. So, now you’re begging to fuck me like I owe it to you. But it’s your own damn fault. You got yourself so horny thinking you were going to stick that tiny little dick inside me. Hello! Can you see me? Why would a girl like me waste my time with that little nothing dick! Now you’re going to be punished. 

Your Punishment

A good sadistic master loves to taunt and torture, and that’s exactly what I plan to do to you. I’ve invited my favorite fuck buddy over to show you how a real man fucks. Yes, it is necessary that I tie you to the chair. I don’t want you to walk out from utter embarrassment. I want you to see how pathetic your tiny little dick is compared to his. 

When my fuck buddy arrives he strips down and shows off his ten-inch dick running his hand up and down the length of it. That’s definitely something that you can’t even do. If you put your hand around your tiny little dick, it would disappear. You watch as my fuck buddy lays me on the bed and opens my legs wide. Then he slowly inserts his huge cock inside me, stretching me out and making me gasp. You’d never make that noise come out of me! He continues fucking me for an hour before cumming in my pussy. You’re so horny and desperate to jerk your tiny little dick. 

Clean Me Up!

Suddenly, my fuck buddy unties you and commands you to clean my pussy with your mouth. Desperate to taste me, you don’t even care that my pussy is covered in sticky, creamy cum. You tongue my pussy lips and clit but you’re not even good at that. My fuck buddy laughs at your tiny little hard-on. Finally, you clean me up but now my fuck buddy is going to show you how to properly eat a girl out. 

He has you sit right there as he eats me right. I cum hard, convulsing with pleasure as I grip onto his hair. You leave feeling completely destroyed. But you can’t wait to go home and jerk your tiny little dick to the thought of me getting fucked. 


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