That Time I Gave a Nasty Rim Job 

My friend convinced me to be the bonus prize in an underground high-stakes poker game. The players were extremely rich guys, who didn’t think twice about losing a million dollars on a single game. She wanted to offer up something special to keep the guys coming back for her exclusive games. So, the prize was not only the money they won but a bonus, a night with me. The winner was a very famous older man with a household name, which unfortunately I cannot reveal. What did he want from me? Not to fuck, but to get a nasty rim job. Rich guys are so freakin kinky!

The Winner

I watched as the last hand played out. The three players left standing took a glance at me, anticipating their bonus prize. I wore an elegant gown with a plunging neckline that made my breasts practically spill out of the dress, I know, a sight to behold. While checking out my possible fuck buddies, I realized that I recognized all of them, one was a famous millionaire with a household name, the other two were very successful actors. I got so excited thinking about all the things I was going to get to do with one of them. 

After the millionaire won, he approached me and kissed my hand, then guided me to his penthouse suite. There I was, his prize for anything he desired, his sexy magical genie, here to grant his sexual wishes. I thought he’d strip me naked and fuck me. Instead, he told me to stay dressed as he stripped naked. Then he got on all four on the bed with his ass high up in the air facing me. He asked me to give him a nasty rim job!

Performing a Nasty Rim Job

I’ve had guys ask for a couple of fingers in the ass and even to get fucked by a strap-on. But, I’ve never had a guy not fuck me and just ask for a nasty rim job. But, I was his prize, his wish was my command. So, I knelt behind him, opened his ass cheeks, and dove in. My tongue swirled around his puckered hole and I licked all around it. He moaned with pleasure and encouraged me to keep going, just like that. Then he started jerking his cock.

I liked how excited my tongue made him. I started to enjoy this nasty rim job and decided to make the most of it. So, I ran my tongue up and down his ass crack, all the way down to his taint. He loved it and jerked himself harder. Then I tongue-fucked his filthy little hole. He screamed out in pleasure as his cock squirted a huge load onto the sheets of the bed. Afterward, I half expected him to want to fuck me but he just handed me a thick envelope with my very generous tip and walked me to the door. 

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