Don’t You Wish You Had a Sexy Magical Genie?

You find something interesting at an antique shop. It’s a gold oil lamp. It doesn’t really seem valuable but there is something about it that intrigues you. You can’t put your finger on why but you buy it anyway. You take it home and inspect it further. There is something beautiful and sexy about its curves. It’s dusty though, so you get a soft rag to clean it. As you do, its alluring golden hue comes alive. You get excited and keep rubbing it harder. Something about it reminds you of jerking your cock, you just know there is a prize at the end of this. Suddenly, a plume of purple smoke comes out of the lamp’s spout. You freeze in shock as a sexy magical genie morphs from the smoke before your eyes. 

The Rules

I, your sexy magical genie, stand before you in a sheer harem outfit. But, you realize the entire outfit is see-through, you clearly see my breasts and my pussy lips. You’re immediately turned on by the sight of my body. You’re so distracted by your growing hard-on that you can barely process the words I’m saying to you. 

“Wait, did you just say I get three wishes?” you ask me in disbelief. I nod submissively at you, my new master. I explain to you again that I am your sexy magical genie and I can make all your fantasies come true. Whatever your heart desires, I can make a reality for you. But, you only get three wishes and once those are granted, I go back into my lamp to await my next master. 

However, there are some rules that need to be followed. I can’t kill someone, can’t make someone fall in love, and can’t bring someone back from the dead. 

Your Three Wishes

You look my delicious body, up and down again and come up with a way to get around the rules. I wait patiently and give you suggestions for your wishes. Do you want a bigger cock? Do you want to take cock in the best gangbang ever? I keep making suggestions but I can tell you are working something out. Then you tell me you’re ready to give me your wishes. 

First, is you want to fuck me. The second, is you want to cum in me. Third, is you want it to repeat. I quickly realize that there is nothing against the rules in your wishes. And, a sexy magical genie must obey the wishes of her master. So, I strip down to nothing and get ready to grant your first wish. My magical pussy is so tight and warm that your second wish is quickly granted. But, luckily for you, your third wish is waiting for you to be ready to go again. 

And that’s how I became your sexy magical genie sex slave. I wait patiently for you in the oil lamp and whenever you want me, just rub on the lamp to summon me. I’ll keep granting your wishes for eternity…


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