I have myself a new BBC fuck buddy!
I didn’t MEAN for it to happen, but this guy is SO fucking hot it’s ridiculous! Well, don’t take MY word for it!

new BBC lover

OH. My fucking. GODDDD! 

Davon would be SO pissed of if he knew! I’m only supposed to have one BBC lover, and that lover is Davon! But he’s out of town visiting family before the holidays right now, so… what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Right? I’m sure that he’s in his home town right now, shoving that big black cock into any little white HO HO HO that will jingle his balls! Why should I deny myself? I know he loves his perfect white princess, but – if some hot little porcelain-skinned skank walks in front of him and wiggles ‘dat ass? He’s gonna fuck it. Why shouldn’t I try to get some of this hot BBC action?

So last night this HOT piece of ass walked into my bar and pulled up a stool right in front of me.
From the word go, I could tell he knew what he wanted that night, and what he wanted was a piece of BBC crack – aka, Zoey! I was bouncing around behind the bar, my cute little blonde ponytail swinging, my pouty pink lips spread wide in a happy smile. My skin-tight jeans hugging my hips, and my tight white company t-shirt clinging to all the right places!

…can YOU say pornalicious? =)

We flirted all night long, and then suddenly, right at last call time, he disappeared!  I looked over and his stool was empty. I was so deflated! How could he resist ME? Zoey Belle? Queen of BBC????? I had lost some of my bounce as I closed up and walked out the back door to my car. I was looking down, fumbling in my purse for my car keys, when I bumped right into someone! I looked up and who was it? None other than the beautiful BBC stud that had been flirting with me! He smiled a wide smile, and motioned towards his car. A HOT, sleek sportster that I should know the name of, but don’t. Who cares??? All I was interested in was that big. black. delicious cock that I knew was hiding inside those pants!

We hopped into his car, and he turned to me, brushing a stray strand of my blonde hair out of my face. We smiled at each other again, and he said in a deep, penetrating, completely MESMERIZING voice – “I’m Eric. And YOU are delicious!”. I almost fainted! I managed to stutter out my name. …WHAT was my name again? Oh yeah! “I’m also Zoey”. He licked his lips and stared into my eyes. “Mmmm. A hot name for a hot girl!” Ohhhhh. He was GOOD. I could tell he was a player, but – then again, so am I! And tonight my game was getting some hot new random BBC! 

Did I win the game? I usually do. =)  Call me to find out all the details!

Your Hot Little Whore For BBC,



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