So. I usually fuck sexy guys. Preferably with big black cocks! I’ve never thought about having nerd sex – until yesterday! 

I was sitting in the public library, trying to work on my  Chem I homework – yuck! I was SO bored! As usual, after about 20 minutes of concentration (oh, alright, about 5 min!), my mind began to wander. I thought of Davon of course, who was probably out doing something much more fun than homework! I thought about his big, thick cock – and how much I’d love to have it right then. Right here in my little private cubicle at the end of a book row. I sighed a little and wiggled around in my chair, my pussy already damp at the thought. I was wearing a skirt and no panties, my favorite for a lazy day out in public – just in case I decide I  feel like flipping that short little skirt up and teasing some poor unsuspecting guy and then walking away. =)

But, I digress. I sighed heavily as I tried to focus my concentration back on my textbook and my stupid chemistry homework. Unconsciously, I was growling as I read and did NOT understand. I got more and more frustrated. I started feeling like my brain was going to EXPLODE! Why don’t I have any nerd friends to help me out, or even better, do my homework FOR me? I face-planted myself directly into my chemistry book and banged my head a few times, with a loud “FUCK!” during each one for emphasis. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” 

Just then I heard a loud exasperated sigh from the other side of the partition, and a tall, slightly lanky guy in glasses stood up and peered over. He was in the midst of an irritated “OH my GOD! People are trying to CONCENTRATE in…” he caught sight of me and abruptly stopped. I looked up at him, hair in tangles from running my fingers through it, my big baby blues wide and innocent. I apologized, and he stammered and turned red. I inwardly smiled a wicked little smile – could this be my first nerd sex experience? His thick glasses magnified his eyes, causing me to notice that they were actually a striking shade of green, with loooooong eyelashes. I batted my own eyelashes at him, sat up straight, and then stretched, my puffy little nipples standing out against my shirt, making it obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra. In my most kittenish voice I asked, “Do you happen to know anything about chemistry?” 

As it turns out, he DID know a thing or two about chemistry – AND anatomy! (He was in medical school!) That day I fucked a nerd – and I LIKED it! Call me to hear all the details of how I had hot, steamy nerd sex right there in the public library! (AND got my chemistry homework done for me!)




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