The rope sliding against my skin and tight on my tits did not help my position. Soon, I felt the cold steel run down my back as the woman played with me. What was that she called me again, her “naughty torture toy.” It’s quite ironic that I’d end up somewhere like this. After all, I was this city’s best slutty little prostitute. Besides, I fantasize about things like this too much for my willpower alone to not make it a reality. Should I get out of this mess or stay and enjoy it?

However, It’s not like I had much choice anyway. How could I possibly get down from these ropes? Before I knew it, her hand was on my chin and the knife around my throat. “Who do you belong to, slave?” She asked with venom in her voice, intoxicating, like a drug. I couldn’t help myself, “You” was all I could manage to squeak out. She lowered her knife and stood in front of me. Dressed in a black corset, leather pants, and combat boots. “That’s a start, pet.”

I can’t let them know that doing all this to me is making my pussy drip!

Mistress stalked around her naughty torture toy, grabbed the ropes in various places, and pulled them. I felt them tighten around my already red tits, and I moaned. “Listen to that purr, husband. Isn’t she just divine? I can’t wait to break her”. Her husband sat back in the chair near the wall, enjoying the sadistic show his lover put on. Then, I felt her tug sharply on the rope holding me off the ground by my crotch. The rope dug into my clit, pussy, and ass, causing me to let out the most sensual, loudest moan of my life. “I’d say she’s enjoying this! Shouldn’t be too hard to make her mine.”

Then, she walks over to a table underneath a wall of whips and floggers. Mistress places her knife down and looks up at the wall. Resting her chin in her hand and trying to choose. Deciding on two twin floggers, she grabs them and starts swinging in front of me; to not only practice but intimidate me.  Fuck, it definitely worked too. I can’t believe how skilled my newfound Mistress is! Mistress is going to make me her naughty torture toy. She looks at me and cocks her head, “Tits, ass, or back, slave?” I blink at her, trying to decide, not knowing what to choose.

Damn it, what should I pick!?

Regardless, I ran out of time too quickly! “And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That’s too bad. It looks like I’ll have to fuck up all three!” She laughed and whipped the floggers on both of my tied-up tits. This is what she meant by making me her naughty torture toy! The sting on my nipples made me wince and cry out. I looked down and saw the red strips across my skin. After she finished with them, she placed clamps on my nipples and tightened them. The calls I did for my BDSM phone sex job were a lot easier than this. Fuck though, my pussy is aching. I’m so horny!

Afterward, she made her way to my backside. Running the leather of the flogger over me, making my body shiver. Yes, please, give it to me. Make me your whore! She chuckled, knowing I was getting into it. Soon after the laugh,  she snaps the flogger down on my back, causing me to moan out in pleasure. Not soon after, I feel another hit. Then the pattern starts; she makes gorgeous wings on my back.

My pussy is dripping wet, all down my legs! There’s no hiding it now!

She steps back and puts one of the floggers down. Before I know it, she pulls it back and lets it whip forward. All of the tail of the whip stinging perfectly on my ass. Then, she does the same on the other cheek, causing me to scream out. I’m left dangling there in the rope, nowhere to run or a way to block. She gets vicious with her whips, and I can’t help it. I cum into the rope, it gushing down my legs. “Now, who do you belong to, slave?” She asks again, gripping my hair in her hand.  “You, Mistress! I’m your naughty torture toy”.

Part 2 ~ Her Naughty Torture Toy

Part 1 ~ The Slutty Little Prostitute

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