Stress upon stress keeps building in this young adventurous slave. The need for her to be out in the world, rather than cleaning house. An inkling to go and be a cat in heat and get bred by men and fucked by women. Though Mia couldn’t have possibly predicted that trying to run and be feral would be a mistake, and she would come to regret it. Mistress’ punishments were always to be feared, especially her countdown denial torture.

There wasn’t even a chance to get to the door. Her Mistress snatched her up by the back of her hair. Between all the yelling, bratting, attitude, and fighting, Mia’s Domme had her limit. “Cut your shit out now, Mia,” She growled at the feisty cat. The slave elbowed her and pushed her back. Then threw something toward her Miss and ran right out the door. Trying to walk away from their home. No hope of where to go, but to be a stray kitten picked up by some man or woman intrigued enough by her.

The slave paused right in her tracks the moment she heard her voice again.

“Mia! Stop now, you leave, and you aren’t welcome back. You know you don’t want to leave this behind. I know you, every aspect of you—your fears, your desires, what makes you Mia. Plus, I know that lust you have to serve me. Am I wrong, pet?” Then, she had reached Mia in the middle of the street and gripped her hair with her hand. Another hand reached around and grabbed Mia’s tit. Not wearing any bra made it easy for her Mistress to twist and pinch her nipple, bringing her to her knees. “Come, slave; it’s time for your punishment, countdown denial torture, your favorite,” she laughed before grabbing Mia’s panties under her leggings and yanking them up. Using them as a leash and making Her slave crawl back into the house.

Once inside, Mistress’ naughty torture toy was thrown onto the floor at her Mistress’ feet. Then, she put Mia’s head between her ankles, locking it in place as she ripped her panties off her. She lifted her skirt and grabbed her flogger, whacking it across her slut’s ass until lit was marked with bright reds stripes all over. She loosens the grip around her kitten’s face. “Couch now!” She orders, smacking Mia across the back with the flogger. Quickly, with a yip, Mia rushes over to the couch. “In the corner, on your back, hands tucked under your ass, and legs spread slave.”

Resisting would only cause much more torment. If she complied, maybe she’d get a treat.

After, the Domme walks off to grab something, leaving a good amount of time before she comes back. Not only to strike fear in Mia but to also test she will stay in position. When she came back, she noticed Mia hadn’t budged an inch. “Good girl,” Mistress said before plugging in the wand massager and setting aside the thick long dildo. She spread Mia’s pussy lips and watched as her slut bit her lip in anticipation. She took the massager and put it right on Mia’s clit. “Ready for your countdown denial torture slave?” She nods her head, waiting for it to start. She smirks at her slave and waits until Mia finally closes her eyes and turns it on full blast.

The sensation caused Mia to scream out of pleasure instantly. “Now that won’t do” Then Mistress gets up, picking up Mia’s wet, torn panties and shoving them in her mouth. “Now that’s a good gag for a loud slut” She never let loose the pressure and vibrations on her clit. Then, Mistress grabbed the dildo and shoved it deep in Mia’s pussy without mercy. “!0…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2.. Don’t you dare fucking cum” She stops the vibrations but holds the dildo firmly in place inside? Mia’s body shivers and convulses at the sudden loss of pleasure. It’s quickly replaced, and she moans out. The countdown begins again, but she stops counting halfway through, fucking Mia’s cunt hard. Then it starts again; she gets to zero, turns it off, pulls the dildo out, and walks away. “No cumming for a month, slave”

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