The night has started easily enough for the slutty little prostitute Mia. She slides on her fishnets and puts on the finishing touches of her bright red lipstick. Then, popping her lips as she checks herself out in the mirror, “fucking stunning as always,” she thinks to herself. Once finished, Mia grabs her clutch, phone, and keys and locks the door to her apartment. She finished her shift as a hot phone whore. Now it’s time to prowl the streets for her escort service.

The night air is a little chilly on Mia’s bare shoulders, her strapless dress not providing much coverage. Still, she walked with pride down the street, the sound of her heels clicking against the concrete. Mia hoped the bright green of her dress and the pattern of it tonight would catch the interest of some high-end suitors.  Soon, she found her usual spot, some ways away from the rich district, but in a discreet spot away from the cops and known to the low life’s to get their cocks off.

There’s a pretty nice luxury car parked a block down, window down.

The odd thing about the car, too, a woman is peaking her head out the side and staring at us. If she’s a cop, she’s a bad one, and she’ll get killed around here. A woman of her status wouldn’t be down here unless for one of three reasons; cheating husband, a cop (highly doubt), or looking to buy for husband. This slutty little prostitute has had enough sitting around waiting for something to happen; it’s been two hours since the car arrived.

Quickly, Mia makes her way over to the car. The woman nervously leans back in her seat and brushes her hands over her dress. Clearly, she’s never done this before. I look over into the driver’s seat and see a man dressed in a fine suit; hair shaved on the side, clean-shaven, and black gloves. The woman in the passenger seat has blonde curls, porcelain skin, a tight white dress, and pink high heels. “New to this side of town, sweethearts?” Mia asks, taking in every detail of the two. The woman gives a nervous smile. “Yes, well, my husband and I were looking to… spice things up a bit.” She pulls out a wad of money. “Would this be enough for your services?” The woman doesn’t hand the money over, causing Mia to raise an eyebrow. “I’d have to see it to know for sure.”

A simple mistake may cost Mia her life!

As Mia leans into the car to grab the money, the man grabs her arm and yanks her in. Mia grabs the door frame, but the woman pulls out a rag with chloroform and puts it on Mia’s mouth. She’s out in just seconds, falling into her lap. The two manage to push her into the back seat and tie her with rope. “She is a slutty little prostitute, isn’t she? She’ll do quite nicely, dear.” The woman says, reapplying her lipstick as they drive off to their manor.

Once she awakens, Mia finds herself tied. A rope tight around her tits, between her pussy lips and ass, and hanging her from the ceiling. She tries to scream out in pain and for help but finds a metal ring gag in her mouth, hindering her vocal range. In front of her stands the man, a bullwhip in hand and a vile smirk on his face.  Behind her is the woman with a knife that she runs up Mia’s back making her shiver. “You are ours now, slave; and you have no choice in this. You will be beaten into submission in this dungeon until you are not only willing… but happy to serve us.”

The slutty little prostitute’s eyes went wide. She knew bad things happened in this profession, but not like this. Regardless of the circumstances, it was making her pussy ache with excitement. This was the BDSM lifestyle of her dreams, and she’d live in a manor and want for nothing! She’d happily be Master’s sex slave and Mistress’s torture toy.

Mia Kinky Crew

Part 1 ~ The Slutty Little Prostitute