I couldn’t have just done what I think I did! There’s no possible way I just dumped all of Master’s coffee on his lap and in front of his friends, no less! Master’s Sex Slave really can be an awful clutz, but the fear of my consequences has me shivering. I immediately bow to him at his feet. “Master, I am so sorry, please forgive me; I’ll get it cleaned up right away!” I try and stand up to leave, but he grabs my skirt’s hem, yanking me back to him.

“You will do no such thing, my submissive whore maid” He waves off some of the other servants to get towels, and a fresh outfit prepared. I feel his cool fingertips grab both sides of the waistband of my skirt before he rips it down. He grabs hold of my long black hair and drags me over to his friends. “Kneel slave,” he commands in a deep voice. I immediately drop to my knees and bow my head to the men.

Forced to my knees, what is Master going to have me do!?

Master looks around at his friends, putting his foot on my back and pushing me more into the floor. “Go get the kitten playset; she wants to not behave like a proper human; she’s going to be our entertainment. Correct, gentlemen?” A male servant rushes off with a blush on his cheeks, knowing what to grab for Master’s sex slave.

The servant rushes back with a soft fluffy tail in his hand, a large silver plug on the end of it. A pair of kitten ears, dark brown to match my hair. A silver collar with a ring in the front and a leash. Master grabs me by my hair, yanking my head up so the servant boy can put my ears on me. He kneels before me and puts the collar around my throat and the leash on the ring.

The servant boy blushes, knowing what’s coming next.

He grabs the buttons on my black blouse and undoes them, one by one. My cleavage is soon revealed as he takes the shirt completely off of me. Leaving Master’s sex slave in my panties, bra, stockings, and shoes. He reaches behind and undoes my bra, showing everyone my beautiful breasts. “Assume the position, slave,” Master barks at me. I quickly bow my head forward and put my ass in the air.

The other servant peels my panties down off my legs, leaving me bare and exposed. He licks and sucks the plug before trailing it along my crack, finding my hole. He slowly pushes it into my asshole, getting it all the way in. It gapes my ass, but there is a gorgeous tail coming from behind me. Master grabs the leash and leads me over to his friends.

All their cocks are out and ready!

Master’s sex slave parades around on all fours. All eyes are on me as I wiggle my ass as I crawl for the men, making my tail swing back and forth. “Can I give her a treat?” one man says. Master yanks on my leash, forcing me over to the man, his cock hard in my face. “Show him what you can do, slave,” he commands. I get up on my knees and take the man’s cock in my mouth.

As I  suck on him, Master’s friends come over to “pet” me. Some have their hands on my tits, my pussy, my ass. Some had their cocks out just stroking them. “Slave, your punishment is to make sure all of these men are pleasured to their fullest, understood?” I manage to grumble out “yes Sir” on the man’s cock. He cums hard in my mouth, and I crawl to each man sucking on them until they cum.

I’m soaking wet and throbbing; I need Master’s cock!

Master comes up behind me, his cock out and ready. Next, he puts it up against my pussy as I suck on the last man. He pounds into me hard, making me cum on his cock. Soon, he blows his load in my kitten, breeding Master’s sex slave. This is why I adore doing pet play phone sex!

Mia Kinky Crew