Naughty Sex Stories of a Slutty Catholic School Girl, Part III

Naughty sex stories of a slutty Catholic girl: time for part III!

So at some God forsaken hour the next day, my alarm woke me up. Then my Dad swung my door open as I was getting ready to jump in the shower. He told me to hurry up and come downstairs for breakfast.

Dad also gave me the up and down while I stood there naked. “Also put on your new clothes.”

Then he shut the door as I cursed out loud.

After breakfast Dad took me to my new prison. Every girl was wearing the same ugly ass school girl uniform: a navy pleated skirt, boring black shoes, hideous tie and white blouse. The boys didn’t look any better, all looking like there were fucking Jehovah’s witnesses going from door to door and bothering the fuck out of everyone.

Before I was allowed in, I had to kneel down on a pad to prove to a nun that my skirt touched the ground. Every girl had to do it. What the fuck was wrong with these people! Wearing these disgusting clothes was bad enough!

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The ugly nun also inspected the boys, making sure their ties were straight, shoes were polished and their hair was properly combed.

Dad led me to Mother Superior’s office. She explained the rules of her “convent”. Modest and polite behavior all the time and no fraternizing with boys whatsoever. Then her eyes narrowed onto me and she hastily added, “no girls, too!” When students disobeyed or misbehaved, they were spanked with a yardstick.

That cow. She’d probably enjoy it too!

I felt Dad’s hand gently squeeze my ass. “She can handle it, Mother Superior,” he said before getting up. He thanked her and told me to be a good girl. “I’ll come pick you up this evening, Carmen.”

I felt nauseated as I watched him leave the room. Then Mother Superior introduced me to Father Henry and Sister Margaret, who walked me over to First Period.

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