Confessions Sex Stories of a Naughty Catholic School Girl, Part I

Sex stories of a naughty Catholic School girl: yes, I confess, damn it! When I was younger, I hated my life, I hated my father, and I definitely hated Catholic School.

Let me explain. My name is Carmen and I’m almost sixteen years old. I’m a brunette but usually dye my hair blonde. It’s pretty long and if I swoosh around at the right speed, I can easily swat some loser boy standing too close to me.

My tits are large and perky – 34 DD, and the boys won’t stop drooling over them. I also happen to be the biggest flirt in high school. Mom and Dad hate it. They also hate that I’m always getting myself into some type of trouble.

Every week, Dad threatens to ship me off to Catholic School but Mom knows exactly how to change his mind. Usually by making a sex movie with hardcore sex or by fulfilling one his multiple bizarre fetishes. I often put a glass to the wall to listen to them and even tried to set up a secret webcam in their room once but I almost got caught. So I never did that again.

Then Mom had to go to Europe to take care of her sick sister and everything changed.

Confession sex stories of a naughty catholic girl….mmm…keep reading!

One morning after gym class, the teacher caught me licking Jenny’s pussy in the shower. I know she was just angry it wasn’t her cunt instead so she got all jealous and shit. Yes, I’d definitely eaten her out as well – she was just pissed off that I was enjoying a pussy younger than hers. The bitch thought she owned me – ha, she sure fucking didn’t!

Yep, you know it – Dad was called into the Principle’s office and the next day I was enrolled in Catholic School.

He actually thought Catholic School would straighten me out…hahaha! He sure was mistaken! Wait until you read what happens next in Part II of my confession dirty sex stories!

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