Confessions Sex Stories of a Naughty Catholic School Girl, Part IV

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So Sister Margaret walked next to me down the hall, escorting me to First Period. Actually Sister Margaret had a young pretty face underneath her penguin outfit – from what I could make out anyways. She stayed quiet until we arrived at her classroom.

First Period was (of course!) fucking religious studies. She smacked her ruler on the desk and ordered us to take out the bibles from the old wooden desks where we sat.

Miraculously I managed to stay out of trouble through the first three classes. Then during fourth period, Sister Ethel caught me and another girl exchanging grotesque cartoon sex drawings of Mother Superior. That got us sent straight to her office.

When she saw our artistic work, Mother Superior practically choked in her religious habit. She looked like someone was behind her forcing his cock into her tight wounded ass (incidentally, just like our drawing). I whispered that over to Carly, my new friend, who had to cough to cover up her laugh and told me to shut up with my sex jokes.

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She held up our drawing and handed it over to Father Henry, whose eyes narrowed into two dots behind his lenses.

His skeletal finger pointed to Carly and me. “You two. Put your toes on this line on the floor, lean forward and grab the desk.” He jerked my ass backwards. “Your buttocks must always extend over your feet.”

Carly sort of giggled. Then Father Henry lifted our skirts up for Mother Superior to begin smacking our asses with a yardstick. That got Carly to shut right up.

Mother Superior hit us twenty times each, then that cunt felt our asses to make sure they were warm enough from her spanking. Then she asked Father Henry to examine our asses too.

Just like her, he put the palm of his hands on my ass but his finger went right over my warm panties, over my pussy. Gross!! That fucking disgusting pervert!

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