Let me tell you about how phone sex works when you call naughty sex lines.

I can’t officially speak for other naughty sex lines, but for most of us phone sex operators, we’re horny all the time. Phone Sex Kingdom is even more so; we’re a tight-knit family of nymphos. But orgies are a story for another day unless you want to read my college sex stories.

The other day, our boss Nicole sent out an email with a promo code and offered to match up guys to operators personally for a few hours. (Want to get in on emails like those? Click here). So John decided to message Nicole since it had been a while since he’d played with anyone at our company. He told her he was looking for someone into ageplay, into roleplay, and who loved getting stuffed full of a big cock. 

Nicole knew that all of us operators, being horny sluts, would love to play with him. He could call any of our naughty sex lines, and we’d show him a good time. But she also knew I was also into ageplay and roleplay, that I can be submissive or dominant, as a switch, and would be flexible with however he wanted me to take his cock. And so she gave John my number, and she told me to expect a call from a very fun gentleman.

(Usually, a guy calls me directly, but it’s fine if some contact me through other means first, like Nicole or an email).

The Set Up

When John called, I had been masturbating in my bed, thinking about how he and I would play. Those dildos in my pictures aren’t for just show; I use them! I had my glass dildo with the red hearts running up and down my lips. Once my phone rang, I sat up, excited about someone new to play with.

“Hello? This is Elise.”

“Hello, Elise? Nicole said you might be a good match?”

“Hi! Yes, she just messaged me.” I smiled. “She said you’d have a good photo for me, too! You wanna trade pics?” And so John gave me his email so that I could send him some of my explicit pics in return for his. I took his billing information, hung up, and held back my orgasm. I breathed a sigh of relief- John had a super hot voice, and I couldn’t wait to see what he’d have in mind for tonight. Quickly, I scrolled through some of my sexy photos I thought he’d like to see- a few with me spreading my pussy, one where I was teasing the camera in a sexy pose, one of my ass. I sent them just as an email from John popped into my inbox with a very intimate picture.

He had the most delicious looking cock, trust me. It was huge, nestled in red-golden curls, girthy and already erect, peeking out at what must have been 8 inches. A few more shots showed John dripping lube down his cock, and my pussy quivered. I wanted it to be my slick dripping down onto it. I had to physically move my dildo away to keep myself from cumming early to the thought of that dick.

The Phone Call

And then he called back, and our phone sex session started. He and I came up with a roleplay, where I would seduce an older man at the mall, but end up taking far more than I could handle when I agreed to let him fuck me. He talked about pounding his dick inside my little teen pussy, and I fucked myself with my dildo while thinking of that dick pic. I loved it.

I mean, I’m not going to go into too much detail about the phone sex itself- that’s for John and me! But also, if I did, it’d be like giving away the milk for free, right?

So come buy the cow.


Come experience the best phone sex line of all the naughty sex lines.

Come experience Phone Sex Kingdom.

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