Some of my best college sex stories are from spontaneous actions I’ve taken.

I’ll admit it, I’m an instigator, and many of my college sex stories are a result of my instigation. I like to pressure people and see what naughty things they can do. Sometimes this backfires, and sometimes this gives me the best payoff.

This incident has forever been called “TV Night” in my group of friends.  It started with five of us on the common room couch, watching a TV show. Once the TV show was done, we ended up sprawled around the room: Tina and Karen on the other side of the room, in the two nice lounge chairs, and me, Ellen, and Sarah in the sofa. Should I mention we were all pretty heteroflexible, sex-crazed college girls? I’m pretty sure there could have been a porn series to how much we all slept together, save for Tina, who just watched all the time.

This time was no different. I started tickling and poking Sarah, who told me to knock it off. I didn’t, and soon she began asking Ellen for help. But Ellen only tickled her as well and held down her hands for me. I began tickling her hips- light touches and put her legs around me so she wouldn’t kick me. My fingers went a little lower. Thinking about how great this would be in our collection of college sex stories, I grew wetter as my fingers reached her pubic hair.

“This okay?” I asked, and I looked up to see her eyes with hunger. Her hands held by Ellen, Karen, and Tina watching us from the other side, Karen’s sketchbook out. Sarah looked at them, then at me.

“Go for it,” she told me, lifting her hips up just a little.

Ellen’s eyes widened in surprise: Sarah wasn’t the sort of girl who did anything naughty in public.

As I reached down into her panties to finger her, I noted why Sarah was so eager. Her cute little panties were soaked. Smiling, I ran my finger down that little slit, feeling her pussy throb underneath my fingers. When I got to her hole, she was grinding down against me, trying to catch my fingers and keep them inside her greedy little vagina.

“Now, now,” I told her and added a second finger. My thumb began feeling her clit, and my hand went to her breast, rolling her nipple around in my fingers.

That’s when she started moaning, squirming around while Ellen held her arms down. Tina came behind me, and her hands held down Sarah’s legs, keeping her restrained as we all watched Sarah come apart on my fingers, screaming into the common room as she came.

“Hot damn,” Karen muttered as Sarah kept shaking because I wasn’t about to stop, despite her orgasm. That was the start of our TV night adventure.


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