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Lesbian sex story, real military wife tells all about what military wives do during deployment. I have a friend named Marley who was married to a guy in the marine corps. Well, I guess while he was deployed some kinky things went down between her and another military wife named Sarah. So I guess one day Marley was on the phone having a conversation that turned into them having phone sex while on the phone. So just as things were starting to get good her friend Sarah stopped by. Being as close as they were she didn’t bother to knock before walking in.

As Sarah walked in she saw Marley on her couch with her hands down her pants rubbing her clit. She was so shocked to see Sarah standing there she hung up the phone. So to relax the situation they decided to smoke some weed and snort a pain killer, it calmed the tension almost instantly she said. As the night went on Sarah couldn’t stop thinking about Marley with her hands down her pants moaning with pleasure. So she decided to make a move on Marley. Before anything happened tho, her husband wanted to get on skype all the way in Afganistan. Bruce came on the screen it was almost awkward at first for Sarah because Bruce was good friends with her husband, but she pushed it in the back of her mind because she just had to taste Marley’s pussy.

Lesbian sex story, Naughty marine wives!

Bruce was watching so intently she said it was like he was trying to memorize every moment. Sarah got between Marley’s legs and started licking her clit, licking around in circles and tonguing her hole until she was sopping wet. Sarah slid two fingers in Marley’s pussy and started finger fucking her pussy and licking her at the same time. Marly said that Sarah sucked and licked her clit till she came so hard she squirted and was squeezing Sarahs head with her legs.

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