I had SO much fun dressing as a naughty schoolgirl for work on Halloween! I wanted to write about it sooner, but I have been totally hungover, all day long! Everyone drank too much, partied too much, and had WAY too much fun bending me over the knee and spanking my HOT little naughty ass! The owner; the wait staff; the other bartenders- Davon included, of course!- patrons. Everyone had a turn on my tender little behind! And, after hours? All the spanking was done with my panties pulled DOWN, completely bare-assed!

I screamed, I wiggled, I threatened to tell all their wives! But they all just laughed because they know I secretly love it! I’ve loved having my ass spanked since I WAS a naughty schoolgirl! I spent a portion of my middle school years in a strict Catholic boarding school. (how I ended up THERE is a story for another time!) The nuns never could understand why, no matter HOW hard they spanked me… with rulers… with canes… with their hands – it never seemed to make me behave! Little did THEY know they were secretly making the wetness from that hot little pussy underneath my skirt run down the insides of my thighs with their punishment! It was supposed to teach me a lesson. The only lesson I learned from it was: misbehave – A LOT! That way, you get more spankings! Those poor religious fanatics. They had NO idea that every time that cane hit my backside, instead of wanting to scream for them to stop, I wanted to scream out “HARDER! … HARDER!”  =)

Anyone who’s played with me more than once knows about my little spanking fetish- it’s the whole reason I dressed up as a schoolgirl in the first place! I knew what lay in wait for me as we partied on into the night! Of course spanking my slutty little ass was just the BEGINNING of the fun!  Call me, and I’ll tell you what ELSE this naughty schoolgirl got into on Halloween night! (or, more correctly, what got into HER!)

Your dirty little punishment slut,




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