My Little Naughty Neighbor Story Began With The Man Next Door

Recently I moved into this gated community, I love it. I feel safer and the homes are really nice. One thing I did notice though is nearly everyone living here is married. There are not many singles at all. I don’t mind, but I have a feeling some of the wives do. I’ve had no lack of attention from the men around here. Married or not. My little naughty neighbor story began with the man next door, he works at home, the same as I do. His wife has an office job, so she’s gone all day. He came over to introduce himself and I asked him in for coffee.

We Soon Began To Have Passionate, Hot Sex Several Times  A Week

We soon realized we had a lot in common. He was soon coming over for coffee everyday after his wife left for work. She commuted to another city even, so he had no worries about being caught. He told me all about how she was a workaholic and had little time for him and his needs. I had the time, and I liked him. We soon began to have passionate, hot sex several times a week. It was a lovely mid day break for us both.

His Wife Was Out Of Town A Lot

I loved sucking his cock and he was fantastic at licking pussy. His dick was large and he knew just how to use it. Hard to understand how his cold wife couldn’t make time for him. He was such a good lover and a nice guy. I was happy to play with him. I was out walking one day and the man across the street waved at me and I went to say hello. He was kind of in the same boat as my other playmate. His wife went out of town on frequent business trips. He worked locally, but he was alone a lot of the time. We got to know one another and I was soon fucking him as well. Boy, moving to this community was the best thing that’s happened to my sex life in ages! The men were so friendly and attentive.

Now This Gut Was A Bit Kinky

He was a bit kinkier and he would come over to my place and bring a bag of tricks with him. He liked to blindfold me and tie me up, tease me until I begged for his cock and his cum.  I was definitely one of his naughty sluts he ever met . And He said his wife would have none of this kind of play. He was lucky to get missionary twice a year from her. These women were nuts I thought. I was certainly benefiting from their lack of interest in their men. I was having lots of sex and a lot of fun with both of them. My pussy nearly couldn’t keep up, but she managed!

He Fucked Me In The Kitchen

I’d had a friend tell me she’d been a part of a naughty neighbor story in her condo building. Mine was a lot naughtier, though since both of my lovers were married. I was a real slut last week. I slept with both of them in the same day. I’d finished my work early, and when the one came over for coffee, he was quite randy. He took me right there in my kitchen, up on the counter.

He lifted me up, pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side an went for it. I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight and was just getting drilled right there on the counter. My swollen clit was rubbing at just the right angle against his stiff prick. I soon creamed all over his dick. I loved feeling his cum gush inside of me. We caught our breath and he soon left. I got in the shower and was just relaxing when there was a knock at my door.

That Magic Wand Was Buzzing So Good Against My Clit

I’d forgotten I’d been expecting the one from across the street. He was there grinning from ear to ear with his duffel bag in hand. Lord knows what he’d brought over with him today. He led me to my bedroom and tied my wrists to the headboard. Then he got this spreader bar thing and attached it to my ankles. He then pulled out this huge Hitachi Wand and went to plug it in. I watched as he spread open my cunt lips with his left hand, exposing my clit. He leaned over me as he stood on the floor beside the bed, wand in hand. The buzzing that thing was doing was incredible.

I had a feeling this was going to be quite the orgasm. He placed it on my cunt and I flinched at the intensity of the sensation. He really pushed it into my pussy and I was soon shaking as my orgasm approached. Then He turned it up a notch and that was all it took. I came and cried out. He removed the wand from my pussy and began to fuck me hard. I was still pulsing from my orgasm and I then felt him go off inside of me. What a morning.

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