We Were Two Sluts That Wanted To Play With Her Brother

In my teens, I had a really good girlfriend. We were a real pair of sluts. We were always playing with guys just for fun. She had a really gorgeous older brother I was always fantasizing about and she knew I liked him. And she said he was so good looking even she fantasized about him! One time I was over at her place for a sleepover and I said I had a ridiculous idea to tease her brother. And she was game, so I said he doesn’t know what sluts we really are. Let’s play dumb and ask him to teach us about sex. She burst out laughing and agreed we should see how far we could get it to go. So he was in his room and we went and knocked on his door and he let us in. We walked in and sat on his bed. And said we knew he was all older and more experienced than us and would he teach us about sex? He looked back and forth at us from one to the other. He was thinking we were pulling his leg and what was really going on. But we acted totally serious and asked his male opinion. He asked if we wanted to watch him masturbate and we said yes, we’d like that. For educational purposes only, of course.

He Thought We Wanted To Learndirty lil sluts

He whipped out his cock and it was already rock hard. And he started to pump it for us and the tip of it was leaking pre-cum. And I asked what it tasted like and he said a bit sweet. He’d tasted it before and I asked if I could see for myself. He looked so surprised this was all happening.  But he wasn’t about to let a girl asking to lick his cock not do so. So he got up from his desk chair and stood in front of us. And I leaned down and licked the tip of it and he let out a slight moan as I did so. I asked me friend, his sister if she’d like to try it as well. He seemed to be buying that we sluts had never tasted a cock before, it was so laughable if only he knew!

 We Pleasured Him Like Cock Hungry Sluts

Before long, I had his whole dick in my mouth and his sister was sucking on his balls. He was in heaven, moaning and groaning. We pleasured him like the cock hungry sluts that we are. We are naughty girls and I loved deep throating his cock. We’d removed our tops and exposed our tits to him. He said he was going to spray his cum all over our tits.
We continued to lick and suck on his cock, French kissing at the tip of it. From his breathing, we could tell he was about to blow. And he shot his load all over our tits. My god, we were such sluts to get his cock, his own sister for fucks sakes! It was fun though, and over the next few months he “taught” us about sex, lol, as if we didn’t know already, we had more experience than he did! I Love incest stories! Why not have some hot adult chat With the girl that loves incest!
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