Naughty Neighbor Makes the Best Neighbors!

Being the dirty little naughty neighbor that I am and with THE ‘Chief’’ gone. I’m going to have fun! This morning  I pulled my car out of the garage and set it out in the sun then I came back in. So I put on a very skimpy bikini top and a Skirt that shows my ASS to the end of the street. This should get Tony’s attention! Naughty Neighbor Ha eat your heart out ladies you have nothing on this. While washing my car I noticed I had every guy’s attention!

WOW, this is so hot so I started to put on a little show. I would bend over to wash my rims and pull my bikini bottoms just a little so they could see that beautiful wet hot pussy. Now I could see Tony was watching from his window so I went to the other side of the car it was his turn to see this naughty neighbor. I got on all fours and I was playing with myself as I watched him with his cock in his hand.. finally, I pointed at him and asked him to CUM to me.

He came out of his door slowly and I motioned him into my garage until I had him with his pants down and his ROCK HARD COCK in my mouth Tony was not very quiet! He grabbed me by the back of my head and made me take that cock, my pussy had gotten so wet.. he then bent me over my car and fucked me for the whole neighborhood to see, we were both naughty neighbor’s then… The feeling of finally having caught Tony’s eye and for him to be fucking me is what I have waited for since the day we moved in here!

Oh this man’s body moves like you wouldn’t believe and his cock is like filling every bit of my pussy up and he has made me CUM in so many ways. 

I am going to let our neighbors watch as I suck every inch of my sweet juices of his cock until his CUM load shoots down the back of my throat! His Cock is 9 inches and so thick and is throbbing in my mouth with every stroke and my other hand is playing with his balls as he is leaning over the car and I can hear him moaning he is getting louder and louder he’s getting ready to CUM he pulls my head back and shoves his cock down my throat while CUM explodes like a freight train, slowly I start sucking the head of his cock teasing it getting all of the CUM off and watching him squirm but it feels so good to be his Naughty Neighbor.

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