Stepping foot into the public library, I could barely contain my excitement. Fixing my glasses, I walked towards the shelves, fingers passing over the books while my mind got filled with naughty library sex fantasies all including the new, young librarian.

Not So Innocent Flirting

I approached the man with a shy hello asking where the fantasy section was. I smile brightly at his explanation and am even more delighted when he agrees to show me himself. A lightly placed hand on my lower back guides me through the maze of corridors and I burn on the inside feeling his touch. He smiles and I place a hand on his shoulder as he jokes around. We pass by the adult section and I notice him stop to place a few mismatched novels in their place.

“Sometimes teens come here to fool around.” He explains to me and I can barely hold back my smile imagining us doing the same. The odds of us both fantasizing about naughty library sex was a lovely coincidence. The pictures of the naked men and women on the covers turn me on even more than I already was. I decide to bend over and pick an illustrated book up. Feeling his eyes watching me, I bit my lower lip. I picked the right day to wear my pleated mini skirt with no underwear. 

Here Comes Trouble

He raises his eyebrows as I step closer, and he notices the drawing on the cover of the book I was holding. A woman pressed with her face against the wall while a man was fucking her raw from behind. We had no wall, but the bookshelf worked just as well when the librarian pushed me against it a moment later. I could hear muffled voices coming from the nearby sections, which made me even wetter.

I wonder if they know about our desires for naughty library sex..? He wasted no time and unzipped his pants, teasing my dripping pussy with his erection. I grew impatient and guided him inside when I couldn’t wait longer. I needed to feel his throbbing cock in me. Fucking me hard and raw between those bookshelves as I struggle to keep quiet so others won’t find us. My fantasy was coming to life harder and better than I ever imagined before.  

Naughty Library Sex Making Me A Bad Girl?

I arch my back when he hit that sweet spot over and over, biting my lips as he tried to muffle my moans with his hand. The voices were getting closer and I could feel him thrust harder and faster. My juices were dripping down my thighs to my knee socks and onto the laminated floor. The strangers’ were now on the other side of the shelf when one of them called for him. “Just a moment, I need to clean up this mess here.”

I gasped when he pulled out completely only to slam his huge cock into me again.

He bent me over and pulled my skirt up, giving a good slap to my ass until I couldn’t hold my orgasm anymore. Cuming right here, during this naughty library sex, with a complete stranger… I couldn’t take it anymore. He spread my ass cheeks and releases his seed right there giving me another slap as he finished and leaves me there knowing that I will definitely come back to this library for some fun. 

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