Dining with a couple wasn’t my ideal way to spend a Friday night.  But when my best friend invited me over, I just couldn’t say no to her. So, I clothed myself in my most decent slutwear and set out to dine. My trampy outfit was so I could feel sexy, of course, I never expected her sneaky cheating husband to do what he did!

Giving Me Eyes Before Cock

Her husband’s eyes were all over me from the moment I stepped into their apartment. I’d been with way too many men to know that when a man ogled at a sexy woman like that, he wanted to rip her clothes off and make her his whore.  I didn’t know her man was a sneaky cheating husband, but the more this went on, the less I cared.

The man’s good looks pulled me in at once. What pulled me in, even more, was the boldness I saw in his eyes. It told me he was a man who knew what he wanted and would not be afraid to take it. 

Well, I would love to see him try.  

I Can’t Believe Her Sneaky Cheating Husband!!

I sat across from him at the dining table. His wife was just too distracted to see that we were having a steamy conversation with our eyes. She seemed more interested in staying updated with her Instagram feed than in her own husband who was sexy as fuck. 

I felt his toe brush my left foot and I just looked up at him with a smirk. I knew it was no mistake but was definitely prepping for something dirty. This sexy man, taunting me as any sneaky cheating husband would, was apparently exactly what I was craving all along.

It’s So Wrong…… And So Right??

I smiled at him and brushed his own foot with mine. He breathed heavily, but this was not enough to earn his wife’s attention. Needing to feel him on my skin, I peeled off my shoe and ran my toes along the side of his foot. Those delicate little toes rose higher, traveling past his knee. He scooted forward in his chair, his grip on his fork tightening as he stared at me with intrigue. I straightened my leg and nestled my foot between his thighs.  

That was when I felt an anticipated hardness between his thighs. My eyes lit up and I moved my foot, stroking him through his pants. He muttered under his breath which soon turned heavy with pleasure. His chest heaved with each deep breath. At some point, he let his guard down, letting a soft whimper through his lips. He was still trying so hard to be quiet. I know he married my best friend, but he was about to be my sneaky cheating husband. I could feel it.

She Won’t Be Gone Long!

His wife turned toward him, and under the pretext of an unbearable headache, he made her scurry to the nearest drugstore. The unsuspecting woman was barely even out of sight when I crept underneath the table and started to suck his thick hard cock. While my head bobbed back and forth on his crotch, I massaged the base of his cock for extra stimulation.  

I withdrew my hand from his cock and slipped my lips lower down his shaft until I felt him at the back of my throat. I held him between my clenching walls for a moment too long, and when I retreated toward the tip of his cock, I felt a steady stream of jizz filling my mouth.  

When his wife returned a few minutes later, she had no idea I had even twitched a muscle in her absence.   

Do you fantasize about being a sneaky cheating husband? Then call me for some hot phone sex – I might even feel a little bad for her when I drain those balls.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke